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Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering is a multidisciplinary research center focused on the development of novel technologies that regenerate cells and tissues affected by age, disease, damage or congenital effects, ultimately leading to wound care and healing for patients in Indiana and beyond. Located on the Indiana University School of Medicine–Indianapolis campus, the center comprises of more than 50 scientists and staff working to reduce the number of amputations in the state of Indiana and deliver critically acclaimed science.

Research Updates

To stay current on the medical research work at IU School of Medicine’s statewide campuses, follow the IU School of Medicine research blog, where investigators throughout the school’s academic departments post updates about their work.


Tissue Nanotransfection

Investigators at the Center have developed a non-invasive, nanochip device that uses tissue nanotransfection technology to reprogram one type of tissue into another with a simple touch and electric spark that is harmless to the body.

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Diabetic Foot Consortium

Indiana University School of Medicine is leading the first study of the national Diabetic Foot Consortium sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). The goal of the study is to prevent reopening of closed wounds by identifying a biomarker that would predict such recurrence during the process of standard wound care. Such an advanced approach to managing diabetic foot ulcers is likely to decrease amputation rates across the country.
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Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Regenerative medicine solutions require expertise across disciplines in medicine and engineering to develop transformative solutions in science and health care. With support from the state of Indiana, philanthropic donors, foundations and the federal government, the center partners with private industry to develop new treatments for disease.

The center’s team of investigators are located throughout the state of Indiana, converging toward excellence in regenerative medicine and engineering, in partnership with industry and government agencies. Together, this team is working to address four core pillars: Cell-Based Therapies; Tissue Engineering; Wound, Burn, and Inflammation; and Military Health.


The power of healing through innovative technology

Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering


Emerging Training Programs

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering is proud to introduce a new Regenerative Medicine and Technologies Graduate Program here at Indiana University School of Medicine. The program will primarily focus on developing a skilled workforce to shape the future of regenerative medicine. This program emphasizes training scholars in regenerative medicine-based innovations, regulatory science, and supply chain management. Soon the ICRME will also offer a Master’s program In regenerative medicine.

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