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With more than 60 academic departments and specialty divisions across nine campuses and strong clinical partnerships with Indiana’s most advanced hospitals and physician networks, Indiana University School of Medicine is continuously advancing its mission to prepare healers and transform health in Indiana and throughout the world.

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MedSTAR fellowship fuels Indiana University medical student’s passion for research

Indiana University School of Medicine–Evansville student Emily Iannopollo, Class of 2023, is the first student at her campus to complete the MedSTAR fellowship. The research that was conducted during her fellowship culminated in her authoring a paper published in a respected medical journal with findings from her work in the field of Alzheimer’s disease.

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 07, 2021

Matthew Holley, PhD, named Associate Director for the Academy of Teaching Scholars

Matthew Holley, PhD, assistant professor of clinical family medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine, has been named associate director for the Academy of Teaching Scholars, with a focus on inclusive teaching practices.

IU School of Medicine  |  Sep 16, 2021

Information about our Afghan community

Afghanistan is a landlocked south-central Asian country bordering Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It is a multi-ethnic society, containing diverse ethnic, linguistic and tribal groups. The government is an Islamic Republic and Islamic values, concepts and practices inform many social and behavioral norms throughout society.

IU School of Medicine  |  Sep 09, 2021

Department of Mental Health Services launches new website

The Department of Mental Health Services is excited to announce the launch of our newly revamped website. Redesigned to improve user experience and make relevant information more accessible, the new layout delivers quick links to learner resources, like our new Learner Portal, campus specific mental health resources, and crisis contacts.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 26, 2021

Passing the Torch: Alumni advice for new med students

More than 100 alumni shared why they love IU School of Medicine and provided advice for the incoming class of 2025.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 21, 2021

Doctors Hoffert and Kersey celebrate 20 years in Riley ED

Drs. Hoffert and Kersey reminisce on their 20 years in Riley ED.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 21, 2021

Your feedback matters: AAMC Year 2 Questionnaire 2020 results

The Class of 2023's feedback about their second-year experience provided school leaders with valuable insight that will improve medical student education at IU School of Medicine.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 21, 2021

IMPRS students take on summer research

Fourteen medical students are experiencing medical innovation first-hand as they work alongside several orthopaedic faculty members and conduct research as part of the Indiana University Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 15, 2021

Leading the Way in LGBTQ+ Health Care Education in Indiana

2021 marked the fourth year of the LGBTQ+ Health Care Conference sponsored by IU School of Medicine. It was developed to address the growing need for LGBTQ+ health-related education in Indiana. The conference, held annually in late March, has grown since it was first held in 2017 as a one-day event. It now spans two days covering medical, behavioral health and community-oriented topics.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 07, 2021

WD Hoskins, MD: Lone Emergency Responder to 1910 Indianapolis Interurban Crash

The story of the lone emergency responder to the 1910 Indianapolis Interurban Crash.

IU School of Medicine  |  Jul 06, 2021