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A doctor who specializes in the care of newborns, usually those that are born prematurely and/or have an illness, injury, or other condition. The neonatologist is your baby's primary care doctor and will check in every day to make sure the care plan for your baby is working.
“What makes him special is the care and concern he shows for his patients.”

“The time he spent with us was never hurried.”

“Her calm demeanor built our confidence.”

Fellow:Short for Neonatology Fellow

A doctor who is completing their specialization in newborn medicine. Like neonatologists, fellows may manage your baby's care plan. Your fellow is the doctor you will likely see throughout the day.
“He was great at listening to our cares and concerns and then explaining things in a way we could understand.”

“He made himself available for questions or concerns throughout the day/night.”

Nurse Practitioner

An advanced practice nurse who helps with all aspects of patient care including diagnosis, treatments, and consultations. The nurse practitioner will work closely with the neonatologist or fellow to manage your baby’s care plan.
“She was gentle and spent an ample amount of time with our babies while performing procedures, but also took a few extra minutes to comfort and love on them as well.”

“She answered all of our questions. She was professional and kind.”

Respiratory Therapist

A specialist in helping patients with breathing problems, which are very common for babies in the NICU. The respiratory therapist will work with your baby’s neonatologist to create a treatment plan for your baby’s breathing and will be very involved in the use of any breathing equipment. If your baby needs breathing help, you will see the respiratory therapist several times during the day.
“When I had a question, he took the time to explain over and above what I asked.”

“She made it easier to leave when I needed because I knew she would keep a watchful eye on my daughter.”

“He got to know us. He didn’t just treat us as ‘patients.’”


A professional who has been trained to care for patients. A neonatal nurse specializes in caring for babies. The nurse will be very hands-on in carrying out the care plan for your baby and will check on your baby’s condition often. The nurse is someone you will communicate with on a day to day basis and someone who can help you understand your child’s treatment plan, can answer any questions you have, and can bring your concerns to the attention of the rest of the care team.
“She is gentle, caring, and understanding.”

“She always tried to make sure that I got enough rest.”

“She was the calm in our NICU storm.”

“There is no greater feeling for a parent to know their baby’s nurse truly cares.”