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Center for Neuroimaging

Through the collaboration of neurosciences and biomedical imaging sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine, the Center for Neuroimaging focuses on the growth in clinical and translational brain-imaging research. As structural, functional and molecular neuroimaging research experiences tremendous triumphs, the center contributes to advancing the understanding of the human brain in health and illness.


Faculty Experts

Support Neuroimaging in Indiana

Generous financial support advances neuroimaging sciences and its sub-specialties, including medical and molecular genetics, neurology, psychiatry and radiology.


Through innovation and the highest standard in equipment, experts at the Center for Neuroimaging investigate emerging technologies and develop advanced image processes.

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With the anchored support of the Indiana Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, the Center for Neuroimaging provides training and experience in structural, functional and molecular neuroimaging research.

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Indiana Imaging and Biomarker Neurorepository

The repository creates a framework for collection of imaging and laboratory data and electronic medical records. With the goal of advancing the understanding of health conditions and treatments affecting the brain through the creation of a large research database, this repository exemplifies the merging of several disciplines as it serves as a patient registry for future research participation.

Faculty Spotlight

38670-Radhakrishnan, Rupa

Rupa Radhakrishnan, MD published in Neuroradiology journal

Rupa Radhakrishnan, MD recently published an article titled, "Resting state functional MRI in infants with prenatal opioid exposure—a pilot study" in the journal, Neuroradiology. 

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Educating with Emerging Technologies

Progress wouldn’t be possible without enthusiastic and highly motivated trainees. At the Center for Neuroimaging, IU School of Medicine faculty enable postdoctoral fellows to explore the advances in human brain imaging, medical neurosciences, genomics and computational systems biology through hands-on training. The center’s education program and affiliated faculty are highly transdisciplinary. Collaborating with center experts, trainees help develop, assess and validate emerging technologies by investigating brain structure and function in health, illness and treatment response.