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Mistreatment Reporting FAQs

  • How do I report mistreatment at IU School of Medicine?

    Anyone who has experienced or witnessed mistreatment is strongly encouraged to report it using the IU School of Medicine Mistreatment Incident Report Form.

  • What is mistreatment?

    IU School of Medicine abides by the AAMC definition which states that "mistreatment either intentional or unintentional occurs when behavior shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with the learning process. Examples of mistreatment include sexual harassment; discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation; humiliation; psychological or physical punishment; and the use of grading and other forms of assessment in a punitive manner.”

  • Who can report mistreatment?

    Any IU School of Medicine students, staff, or faculty who have experienced or witnessed mistreatment are able and encouraged to submit mistreatment reports. A friend or colleague can also submit a mistreatment report on behalf of the impacted individual.

  • Are mistreatment reports only for reporting other medical students?

    No. In fact the system was set up for students to report mistreatment by faculty and/or staff. Any IU School of Medicine learner (student, resident, fellow, or graduate student) can report mistreatment involving faculty, deans, administrators, staff, fellows, residents, medical students, or patients.

  • Are mistreatment reports confidential?

    Yes. Once a mistreatment report is submitted, it is reviewed by the appropriate institutional authorities. Depending on the nature of the report and preference of the learner, the situation might be handled at a later time to further protect the reporter's identity and avoid further disruptions to the learning environment.

  • Can a mistreatment report be submitted anonymously?

    Yes. The impacted individual can choose not to include their name on the report. However, it may be beneficial to include name and contact information for a member of the mistreatment response team to gather further information regarding the incident in order to address it appropriately as well as to offer support to the person reporting the incident.

  • What if I face retaliation after reporting? Can my grades, recommendation letters, or residency be negatively impacted by reporting?

    Retaliation is strictly prohibited, and IU School of Medicine strives to protect all students from retaliation when they report mistreatment. The potential for retaliation will be considered when determining the best course of action for the situation at hand, including waiting to address the situation until after all grades are finalized.

  • What other options do I have to raise concerns about mistreatment if I do not want to submit a mistreatment report?

    Although the primary and preferred method for reporting mistreatment is via the Mistreatment Incident Report Form, other options for raising concerns exist. Students can add comments on course or clerkship evaluations, contact the Ombuds Office, contact the IU Indianapolis Office of Institutional Equity, consult with a lead advisor, or explore additional reporting options. The mistreatment system maintains records of all prior reports/ incidents, so submitting a report allows the school to know if repeated offenses are happening and more serious action is needed.

  • When a performance improvement plan is developed, what kinds of things are typically included?

    The specific activities required in a performance improvement plan depend on the nature of the concerns raised. The ultimate goal of any performance improvement plan is professional development and improvement.  For example, when a concern regarding learner mistreatment is raised, the expectations are generally focused on teaching development. Sample activities may include required attendance at sessions of the Academy of Teaching Scholars or Center for Teaching and Learning; a mandatory peer review of teaching; completion of the online module “Understanding and Preventing Learner Mistreatment.” When warranted, DEI training through OIE or FAPD or other resources is also expected.

    If you believe a performance improvement plan is warranted for an IU employee, please submit an Honor Code Concern Report Form.