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The Honor Code outlines the core values governing research, education, and clinical practice that all IU School of Medicine community members uphold.

Honor Code

Embarking on a career in the life sciences, medicine, and other health care professions is a privilege that carries lifelong moral and ethical responsibilities that begin the moment an individual becomes a member of the academic medicine community.

To achieve its vision to lead the transformation of health care through quality, innovation, and education and make Indiana one of the nation’s healthiest states, Indiana University School of Medicine must recruit and nurture exceptional individuals who are equipped to learn, teach, practice, and conduct research in challenging and diverse settings. IU School of Medicine expects that its community members treat one another with respect and facilitate an atmosphere of cooperation and collegiality. The School demands excellence and expects that community members act with integrity at all times. Recognizing the damaging effects that bias, discrimination, and exclusion have on the work environment, patient care, medical research, medical education, and health care outcomes, IU School of Medicine strives to be a place that is diverse, welcoming, and inclusive for all in academic medicine. IU School of Medicine expects all in its community to reflect on these values and ensure that actions and inactions do not, intentionally or unintentionally, perpetuate the problem of health care inequity.

To this end, the IU School of Medicine Honor Code outlines the core values governing research, education, and clinical practice that all IU School of Medicine community members, including students, faculty, and staff, are expected to uphold. These include:


Excellence that is reflected in the innovative conduct and advancement of education, research and patient care.

  • I will strive for excellence in all I do, including advancing my field and/or providing the highest quality of care to all patients at all times.
  • I commit myself to lifelong professional development, continuous improvement, and the consideration of varied scholarly and evidence-based perspectives in the advancement of research and the practice of medicine.
  • I will recognize my limitations, be open to feedback, and seek help when appropriate.


Respect for all individuals who are affiliated with, or come in contact with, Indiana University School of Medicine: students, residents, fellows, faculty, staff, partners, communities, patients, and families.

  • I will respond to societal needs with competence, altruism, and morality, reflecting the expectations of the social contract with my community.
  • I will respect the dignity of others, displaying cultural humility and acting with civility and compassion.
  • I recognize that a career in the life sciences, medicine, and other health care professions requires me to subordinate my own interests to the interests of those I serve.


Integrity that embraces the very highest standards of ethical behavior and exemplary moral character.

  • I will take responsibility for what I say and do in my personal and professional activities, recognizing the importance of a culture of free inquiry and expression while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and civility.
  • I will conduct and present myself professionally in the presence of patients, learners, amongst peers, and in any professional setting.
  • I will be dependable and ethical in meeting my professional obligations so that I inspire confidence and earn the trust others place in me.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion that is reflected in actions that appreciate and value all individuals and a commitment to being an inclusive and equitable community.

  • I will contribute to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere for teaching, learning, caring for patients, and conducting research.
  • I commit to listening to and respecting the perspectives of others, aiming to learn from them what actions, practices, policies, and structures they experience as discriminatory, exclusionary, or otherwise detrimental to the community.
  • I will champion health care equity in both medicine and society and be committed to transforming the way research is conducted and care is provided in order to eliminate health disparities.


Cooperation that is manifested in collegial communication and collaboration.

  • I will exhibit professionalism in all interactions and work to resolve conflicts in a manner that preserves the dignity of every person involved.
  • I understand that medicine and science are team-based and will foster an esprit de corps through my interactions with others, respecting the importance of all members’ contributions to the medical community’s shared goals.

All members of the IU School of Medicine community, including students, faculty, and staff, are expected to uphold these Core Values in order to warrant the trust placed in them by patients, families, peers, and society at large and to begin to address the existing disparities in health care. Violations of the Honor Code are governed by the Honor Code Policy and System.

As stated in the Honor Code Policy and System: IU School of Medicine recognizes free intellectual inquiry, debate, and constructive dialogue are vital to the university’s academic mission and must be protected even when the views expressed are unpopular or controversial. Accordingly, any form of speech or expressive conduct that is protected by state or federal law, including the First Amendment, is not subject to this policy. This policy is meant neither to proscribe nor to inhibit discussions of complex, controversial, or sensitive matters.