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Education Programs

Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology & Physiology faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine faculty are accomplished medical research scientists and educators who are dedicated to teaching anatomy and physiology.

Faculty in this department participate in the anatomy and physiology education of students at all levels of study—from undergraduates and medical students to graduate-level trainees and postdocs as well as trainees in physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant programs.

The department offers two distinct curricular pathways leading to the PhD in Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology. One pathway is designed for students seeking careers in biomedical research, and the other is a nationally recognized PhD program for students seeking careers as anatomy and physiology educators.

Support Anatomical Education

Each year, individuals donate their bodies to IU School of Medicine to be used for medical education and basic science/clinical research. This is the most profound gift that any individual can offer. Find out more about this important type of giving.
MD Courses

MD Courses

The department offers MD electives ranging from advanced anatomy and laboratory research to clinical anatomy and anatomy education training—at multiple school campuses.

Graduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs

Master’s and PhD programs fit a broad range of career interests—from biomedical research and anatomy and physiology teaching to advanced preparation for professional school.

Anatomy and Physiology Instruction, Outreach and CME Services

The Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology at Indiana University School of Medicine is addressing the growing need for qualified anatomy and physiology instructors across the educational spectrum through a unique outreach program, known as the Center for Anatomy and Physiology Education (CAPE).