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Clinical Anatomy Track MS

This one-year non-thesis program provides students with a rigorous background in the traditional anatomical disciplines, coupled with supervised experiences teaching anatomy or conducting anatomy education research.


Applications for the MS Clinical Anatomy Track are accepted September 3 through April 15 for international applicants, and July 1 for domestic applicants. Students begin in the fall semester only.


Program requirements: Anatomy courses including D501 (Gross Anatomy), D853 (Embryology), D502 (Histology), D527 (Neuroanatomy), as well as F503 (Physiology), B500 (Biochemistry), D861 (Seminar), and electives. No research project is required.

Semester Course Notes
Fall Year 1 D502 Histology (4)
F503 Physiology (5)
B500 Biochemistry (3)
Spring Year 1 D501 Gross Anatomy (5)
D527 Neuroanatomy (3)
D853 Embryology (3)
D861 Seminar (1)
Electives (0-3)
D861 Seminar meets in both Fall and Spring semesters, but registration does not occur until Spring.
Summer Year 1 D878 Anat Teaching (2)
or D700 Educ Research (2)
Electives (0-3)
Fall Year 2 N/A
Spring Year 2 N/A
Summer Year 2 N/A
Research Hours No research hours required The Clinical Anatomy Track does not require laboratory research.
Electives Additional graduate-level courses to complete 30 credit hour requirement
Total Credit Hours 30
Final Projects No final project required
Final Examination No final exam required
Final Examination Committee No committee required