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Curriculum and Requirements

Course Requirements for the Pre-Professional Track MS

This one-year non-thesis program provides students with a rigorous background in the traditional anatomical and physiological disciplines. The curriculum is designed for students with the ultimate goal of earning a professional degree in medically related fields, including allopathic medicine (MD), osteopathic medicine (DO), dental, or physician assistant programs. Students have the option of obtaining supervised research experience (4 credit elective).

Required Core Courses

Required Courses Credits Note
BIOC-B500 Biochemistry 3
PHSL-F503 Basic Human Physiology 5
ANAT-D 502 Basic Histology 4  
PBHL-B 561 Biostatistics 3 Online course offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
ANAT-D 861 Seminar in Physiology 1 Must be taken spring or fall (most often taken in spring)

Core Electives

Students are required to take 14 credit hours from the elective list below. Students may use additional/alternative electives in their plan of study with the approval of the graduate adviser and the ACBP Graduate Studies Committee.
  • ANAT-D501 Human Gross Anatomy (5 cr.)
  • ANAT D527 Neuroanatomy: Contemporary and Translational (3 cr.)
  • ANAT-D853 Human Developmental Anatomy (3 cr.)
  • BIOL-51600 Molecular Biology of Cancer (3 cr.)
  • BIOL-55900 Endocrinology (3 cr.)
  • BIOL-56100 Immunology (3 cr.)
  • BIOL-57410 Molecular and Cellular Bone Biology (3 cr.)
  • GRDM-G724 Molecular Cancer Genetics (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G725 Gene Therapy (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G727 Animal Models of Human Disease (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G728 Fundamental Concepts of Infection and Pathogenesis (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G729 Introduction to Immunological Systems (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G745 Fundamentals of Intracellular Signal Transduction (1-2 cr.)
  • GRDM-G747 Principles of Pharmacology (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G748 Principles of Toxicology 1 (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G749 Introduction to Structural Biology (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G756 Radiation and Cancer Biology (3 cr.)
  • GRDM-G761 Molecular and Cellular Physiology of Ion Transport (1 cr.)
  • GRDM-G807 Structural & Chemical Biology (2 cr.)
  • GRDM G817 Molecular Basis of Cell Structure and Function (2 cr.)
  • GRDM-G819 Basic Bone Biology (3 cr.)
  • GRDM-G852 Concepts of Cancer Biology: Signaling Gone Awry (2 cr.)
  • GRDM-G855 Experimental Design and Biostatistics (1 cr.)
  • MICR-G729 Immunology I - Introduction to the Immune System (1 cr.)
  • MICR-J510 Infectious Microbes and Host Interactions (3 cr.)
  • PHSL-F504 Human Physiology Laboratory Simulations (3 cr.)
  • PHSL-F603 Integrated Medical Physiology (3 cr.)
  • PHSL-F701 Research in Physiology (4 cr.)*

Required Research Skill Courses

  • PBHL-B561 Introduction to Biostatistics (3 cr.)**
  • ANAT-D861 Seminar (1 cr.)

* Students must register for this course to have research appear on their transcript
** Online course offered in Fall, Spring and Summer terms

Total credits required for degree = 30 credit hours


Students must maintain an overall B (3.0) average in coursework and earn no less than a B- in any required or elective course.