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Find information about the Advanced Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship

Riley Hospital for Children’s pediatric heart program is ranked 5thin the nation by U.S. News & World Report and has one of the highest acuity of illness levels among reporting hospitals. Over 19,000 pediatric anesthetics are performed each year, with over 500 of those being cardiac surgery cases and over 600 cardiac catheterization procedures.  The advanced fellowship in pediatric cardiac anesthesia is associated with the ACGME-accredited core pediatric fellowship at Riley Hospital. One 12-month fellowship position is available each year.

While accreditation by the ACGME is not currently available for the Advanced Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, all program requirements set forth by the ACGME apply. Advanced fellows are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the six competency areas, and they are evaluated regularly on this basis.

Fellows gain appropriate knowledge of the pediatric cardiovascular system and develop a systematic comprehension of the various forms of congenital heart disease. Clinical training, didactic instruction and opportunities for research or quality improvement projects are essential components of the program curriculum. Fellows become expert consultants in anesthetic care for patients with a wide variety of congenital cardiac defects, as well as for ECMO, VAD devices, and heart transplantation. Skills for the preoperative evaluation of patients presenting for cardiac surgery, including experience with echocardiography, are developed. Mastery of essentials of patient monitoring and appropriate pre-bypass, bypass and post-bypass anesthetic management is emphasized.

Rotation Schedule

  • 9.5 months clinical exposure in operating room/cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • 1 month cardiovascular intensive care unit
  • 1 month echocardiography
  • 0.5 month perfusion

Application Information

Fellows for this training program must have completed an ACGME accredited anesthesia residency as well as an ACGME accredited pediatric anesthesia fellowship. Applicants must have participated in a minimum of 25 pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass cases.

Please submit application form, CV and three letters of recommendation by email to Rania K. Abbasi, MD.

Fellowship Leadership

Fellowship Program Director
8909-Abbasi, Rania

Rania K. Abbasi, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Fellowship Associate Program Director
42525-Tanis-Arens, Clayre

Clayre E. Tanis-Arens, DO

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Fellowship Program Coordinator

Serena Mahoney

Department of Anesthesia
Indiana University School of Medicine
1130 West Michigan Street
Fesler Hall Room 204
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
317-274-4343 Phone
317-274-0256 Fax

Program Faculty

Thomas Feehan, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Matthew C. Hamilton, DO

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Doris M. Hardacker, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Gabriel M. Krause, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Michael S. Mazurek, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Chan Saysana, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesia

Scott G. Walker, MD

Professor of Clinical Anesthesia