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Ben Middelkamp

Ben Middelkamp is a communications manager for the Department of Neurology, Department of Neurological Surgery and Stark Neurosciences Research Institute at Indiana University School of Medicine. Before joining the Office of Strategic Communications in December 2019, Ben spent nearly six years as a newspaper reporter in two Indiana cities. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Convergent Journalism from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2014. Ben enjoys translating his background in journalism to the communications and marketing needs of the school and its physicians and researchers.

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Neuroscientists receive NIH grants to investigate brain’s role in addiction, anxiety and obesity

Three Indiana University School of Medicine researchers each received National Institutes of Health grant funding to study under-explored mechanisms and connections in the brain using animal models. Through their investigations, they hope to discover therapeutic targets to treat health conditions, including obesity, anxiety and alcohol use disorder. The faculty investigators are members of the addiction research interest group at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 30, 2024

Glaucoma research program growing at IU School of Medicine

Glick Eye Institute researchers Arupratan Das, PhD, Padmanabhan Pattabiraman, PhD, Weiming Mao, PhD and Tasneem Sharma, PhD—also members of the ocular neurobiology research interest group at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute— are exploring ways to prevent and treat the disease.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 22, 2024

Neurologists at IU administer first-of-its-kind FDA-approved gene therapy

Neurologists at Indiana University School of Medicine are among the first clinicians in the nation to administer a groundbreaking gene-based therapy for patients living with a rare form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 05, 2024

IU administering, leading clinical research on FDA-approved Alzheimer’s drug

For nearly a decade, lecanemab has been tested in clinical trials at IU School of Medicine. The drug targets the removal of amyloid plaques in the brain—a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. Over the past few months, nearly a dozen patients have received the treatment, which is administered through intravenous infusions every two weeks at the IU Health Neuroscience Center in downtown Indianapolis.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Nov 13, 2023

Neurology postdoctoral scholar awarded first Alzheimer's Association Perelman Fellowship

The Alzheimer’s Association recently named Kate Foley, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neurology at Indiana University School of Medicine, as the inaugural Dr. Mel Perelman Fellow for Alzheimer’s Research.

This research fellowship, named in honor of the late Mel Perelman, PhD, a former executive of Eli Lilly and Company, will be awarded annually to an IU School of Medicine researcher who has been vetted and selected by the Alzheimer’s Association’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Group to receive a research grant.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Oct 20, 2023

Neurosurgery alum reflects on robust medical education at IU

Robert B. Sloan, MD, looks back on his time at Indiana University fondly. The Indianapolis physician spent his entire higher education career at IU. He earned his bachelor’s degree at IU-Bloomington and completed his medical degree and residency at IU School of Medicine. Sloan, who is the sole neurosurgeon at Community Hospital East, carried out the bulk of that time at IU studying medicine, specifically neurosurgery as a resident in the Department of Neurological Surgery from 2000-2006.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jun 28, 2023

IU otolaryngology alumna recognized with endowed lectureship

The Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery is hosting the Inaugural Allison K. Royer Women in Otolaryngology Endowed Lectureship on March 22, 2023, at IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis. It is one of the first women in otolaryngology endowed lectureships in the country.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 01, 2023

IU head and neck surgeon honored with fellowship and lectureship

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the department established the Edward C. Weisberger Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery and Lectureship. The endowed lectureship, which had its inaugural seminar in fall 2022, enables the department to bring prominent physicians to campus to share their expertise in head and neck surgery.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Feb 23, 2023

Lamb named IU Distinguished Professor

Indiana University has named Bruce T. Lamb, PhD a Distinguished Professor, the university’s highest academic title. He was one of four faculty to receive the honor for 2023.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Feb 15, 2023