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Cristy James

Cristina James is the Data Coordinator, Associate Training Director, and Family Discipline Coordinator in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development at Indiana University School of Medicine. She has over 10 years of professional experience and a life-long lived experience in neurodevelopmental disorders which, combined with her analytical skills, allow her to effectively span across functions to help provide and improve many LEND outcomes.

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LEND - Sensory Processing in Children

What sensory processing disorder is like and how occupational therapists can help.

Cristy James  |  Apr 01, 2022

LEND - School Partnerships - Connecting the Dots in Pediatric Care for Healthy Transitions

Every school year, over 49 million children in the United States spend more than half of their day in the school setting.  More awake hours are spent in school than the child has in the home.  The school setting offers a child the chance to learn to read, to write, to grow socially as well as physically. When the child turns 18, they reach many milestones. They are considered an adult and graduate. Another change is regarding health care. They will transition from a pediatric centered care model to an adult care provider.

Cristy James  |  Mar 01, 2022

LEND - The Most Common Chronic Disease of Childhood in the US

Dental cavities (also known as caries or decay) is the most common chronic disease in children: it is about 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever. It is also preventable.

Cristy James  |  Feb 16, 2022

LEND - Inclusivity in Indiana State Parks

As exploring our state’s natural beauty and park systems is becoming increasingly more common, so is the need for ADA accessible trails and equitable access to the trail systems. 

Cristy James  |  Feb 10, 2022

Child Development - Insurers adding to access barriers for autism evaluations

In a system that is already stressed with too many children needing ASD evaluation by too few available providers, insurers are adding to the access barriers by using inappropriate and inflexible evaluation requirements.

Cristy James  |  Jul 27, 2021

Child Development - The Importance of Physical Therapy in the NICU

A physical therapy trainee shares about the importance of developing a collaborative relationship with NICU babies and their families.

Cristy James  |  Apr 09, 2021

Child Development - My Experience in the LEND Training Program

LEND trainee in Pediatric Dentistry, Noah Menaker, shares his experience in the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) training program in Pediatrics.

Cristy James  |  Mar 19, 2021

Child Development - Well Child Autism Screening

Well child screeners are often questionnaires that are filled out by parents or caregivers during well child visits with pediatricians. While their use is common practice in many primary care settings, occasionally, questions arise as to their utility. Specifically, are the measures useful and can you really tell if a child has autism at age two? The goal of this post is to describe the clinical utility of the M-CHAT-R/F and explain the importance of its use. 

Cristy James  |  Mar 05, 2021

Child Development - The Importance of Positive Attention

Positive attention, or responding to children in a way that demonstrates warmth and interest, is a small but important part of parenting.

Cristy James  |  Feb 25, 2021

Child Development – Consideration for Assessing and Improving Sleep in Children with ADHD

By Katie Alonso, Nursing Trainee Riley Child Development Center LEND Program Sleep disturbance occurs in approximately 70% of children diagnosed with ADHD. Examples of sleep concerns include, but are not limited to resistance to bedtime, difficulty with sleep onset, daytime sleepiness, waking up at night, breathing problems during sleep, and trouble waking in the morning. […]

Cristy James  |  Mar 03, 2020