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Jose Espada

Jose Rivera Espada is the director of financial aid at IU School of Medicine, a nine-campus allopathic medical school in Indiana. Jose’s experience includes working as an assistant director of financial aid at Butler University and a financial aid coun...

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1098-T Questions for 2020

This time of year, I begin to receive questions related to the 1098-T. As an eligible educational institution, Indiana University is required by the Internal Revenue Service to file an annual Tuition Statement (Form 1098-T) for each student who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident pursuing a degree, and for whom a reportable transaction […]

Jose Espada  |  Jan 27, 2020

Financial Tips for Class of 2021

Looking ahead to your final year of medical school, I wanted to give you some financial challenges to take into account now as it relates to your planning for fourth year. First, with Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO, previously known as VSAS), many of you are contemplating the cost of doing away or International electives. […]

Jose Espada  |  Jan 27, 2020

FAQs about the FAFSA for medical students

Most medical students need scholarship and/or loan assistance to finance their medical education. The first step in the financial aid process is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Navigating financial aid is complex. The Office of Student Financial Services helps current and prospective MD students access the financial resources needed to […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 04, 2019

A Four Blogger Perspective: Seeing It Through Their Eyes.

Adapted from the Wall Street Physician (WSP) post of November 13th, 2018, “If You Could See Medicine Through My Eyes: Resident Perspective” In my 30+ years of working in medical school financial aid, I have seen the many changes in Medicine along the way, but I have especially seen the change in culture and economics […]

Jose Espada  |  Nov 13, 2018

Should medical students get dental insurance?

Several medical students recently have asked about dental insurance. Dental coverage is becoming less and less common as a part of health insurance plans. In fact, the IU School of Medicine student plan does not carry a dental option. Medical students with the Medicare plan may be surprised to find that dental care is not […]

Jose Espada  |  Oct 01, 2018

Residency Interview Season Budget Tips

Dear Class of 2019: The residency interview season brings excitement, anxiety and more often than not, a great deal of expense. From hotels, flights and other travel-related costs, the figures can add up quickly. But with proper planning and budgeting, the interview process doesn’t have to break the bank. So, what can you do to […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 24, 2018

Fall 2018 Financial Aid Update for the Class of 2019

Dear Fourth-Year Medical Students: We are a couple of weeks away from your residency applications being available to residency programs so I wanted to send a reminder about submitting expenses related to away (international) electives, ERAs and residency interviews. ERAS Expenses First, many of you have already incurred expenses related to ERAS, the residency application process. Last year, there were students who spent a decent amount on […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 04, 2018

Fall 2018 Financial Aid Update for Class of 2021

Dear Second-Year Medical Students: The cost of registering for Step 1 ($610) and Step 1 study materials ($750) are included in the 2018-2019 academic year books and supplies portion of the cost of attendance (COA). Please make sure to budget appropriately for this cost in your fall and spring semester financial aid disbursements. Remember, the […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 04, 2018

Fall 2018 Financial Aid Update for Class of 2020

Dear Third-Year Medical Students: The cost of registering for Step 2 CK ($610) and CS ($1,285) for the exam and $500 for travel and accommodations) is included in the 2018-2019 academic year cost of attendance (COA). Please make sure to budget appropriately for these costs in your fall and spring semester financial aid disbursements. Although the cost for the […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 04, 2018

Budget tips for med students

Living on a budget as a medical student is an essential step for minimizing the debt you’ll face upon entering repayment. Try to think of a budget the same way you’d think about maintaining a healthy diet: make sensible, responsible choices and you’ll reap the benefits. Save Money and Time by Cooking with Classmates Join […]

Jose Espada  |  Sep 04, 2018