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Michael Schug

Michael Schug, an award-winning communicator, is the communications manager at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. In this role, he promotes the impactful research generated by the center’s nearly 250 scientists and physician-scientists to both external and internal audiences.

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Dr. Koch answers questions about prostate cancer

Michael Koch, M.D., chair of the IU School of Medicine’s Department of Urology and a member of the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, is a prostate cancer expert with more than two decades of experience. We turned to him for some answers about prostate cancer.

Michael Schug  |  Nov 17, 2020

HPV expert Darron Brown, MD, discusses the vaccine’s dramatic impact on reducing cervical cancer

A recent, new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine — which has been hailed as a “milestone” study — confirmed that widespread use of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine dramatically reduces the number of women who will develop cervical cancer. We turned to Darron Brown, MD, a leading authority on HPV, for some answers about this study.

Michael Schug  |  Nov 11, 2020

Dr. Marino, others demonstrate the importance of studying the “normal breast”

Natascia Marino, PhD, assistant research professor of medicine at IU School of Medicine and a research scientist with the Komen Tissue Bank at the IU Simon Cancer Center, is among the authors of a study published online in npj Breast Cancer. Dr. Marino said the study demonstrates the importance of conducting research on the “normal breast” and that she and her colleagues were surprised by the role fat plays in the development of breast cancer. 

Michael Schug  |  Nov 10, 2020

Aha moment takes Dr. Ivan, colleagues down unexplored territory

Nearly a decade ago, Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD, and colleagues started down a path to identify new genes that help cells adapt when oxygen is deprived, but in the process, they followed the science, which took them in a different direction. Their work has just been published in the prestigious Nature Communications.

Michael Schug  |  Oct 06, 2020

Clinical Trials Office juggles research work, life amid a pandemic

Before the World Health Organization declared the spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11, the staff of the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Clinical Trials Office (CTO) was going about their important work. While their work has changed since then, cancer clinical trials never stopped. In fact, in the face of uncertainty, the staff has increased patient accrual over last year and streamlined some administrative tasks.

Michael Schug  |  Oct 02, 2020

2 students with interest in combining cancer research with patient care are Wright Scholarship recipients

Two women pursuing their medical degrees with an interest in combining cancer research with patient care have been selected as the 2020 IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center William J. Wright Scholarship Fund recipients.

Michael Schug  |  Sep 14, 2020

IU physicians, Purdue scientists collaborate to develop a test to detect kidney cancer

Cancer physicians at Indiana University and scientists at Purdue University are working to develop a urine test that would enable patients to avoid an invasive, painful biopsy to detect a type of kidney cancer.

Michael Schug  |  Jul 10, 2020

Clinical trial for a rare cancer keeps local educator, former athlete active

Demetrius “Dee” Dowler was 31 years old when he was diagnosed with thymoma, a rare cancer of the thymus gland. There is no good time to be diagnosed with cancer but 2001 was a particularly busy time for Dowler, a time when his life was full with a young family and a new career. Dowler, […]

Michael Schug  |  Dec 20, 2019

IU researcher talks about close ties to Nobel winner

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD, has a strong connection to this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Dr. William Kaelin Jr. of Harvard University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. Ivan was a postdoctoral fellow and subsequently an instructor in Dr. Kaelin’s lab between 1998 and 2002 and first-authored the […]

Michael Schug  |  Nov 01, 2019

Ballinger earns Career Development Award from ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation

Tarah Ballinger, MD, was named a recipient of the Career Development Award presented by the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). It was presented at the recent 2019 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago. The Career Development Award provides research funding to clinical investigators as they establish an independent research program. […]

Michael Schug  |  Jun 27, 2019