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Sydney Gendron

Sydney Gendron is a senior at IUPUI, Indianapolis. She is majoring in journalism and minoring in graphic design and will graduate this coming May. She loves photography, writing, and hiking.

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Pediatric endocrinologist inducted into American Pediatric Society

Linda DiMeglio, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine professor of pediatrics, was inducted into the 2023 American Pediatric Society (APS) for her work in pediatric health.

Sydney Gendron  |  Mar 06, 2023

MPESC Student Attends IU School of Medicine Graduate School

Get to know Alejandro Tapia, a first year graduate student and one of the first members of the Medical Physician Engineers, Scientists and Clinicians Preparatory program (MPESC-Prep).

Sydney Gendron  |  Jan 04, 2023

Neonatologist Honored by Indiana Chapter of the AAP

Matt Lewis was honored with Indiana AAP Award in legacy of Edwin L. Gresham

Sydney Gendron  |  Oct 05, 2022

Pediatric Fellowship Director Recognized Nationally

Pediatric Fellowship Program Director Brian McFerron, MD, receives national award recognizing his outstanding teaching efforts.

Sydney Gendron  |  Sep 09, 2022