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A new era began for the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine this fall with the arrival of new department chair, Jason Allen, MD, PhD, FACR.

A new era for radiology at IU

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A new era began for the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Indiana University School of Medicine this fall with the arrival of new department chair, Jason Allen, MD, PhD, FACR.

Allen, who was born and raised in and around Detroit, received his MD and PhD in neuroscience from Georgetown University. He then went on to complete neurology and diagnostic radiology residencies as well as a neuroradiology fellowship at New York University. After more than six years in private practice in the Pacific Northwest, Allen joined Emory University in 2013 where he held numerous roles including Chief of Radiology at Grady Memorial Hospital and Neuroradiology Division Director. He also has a grant-funded laboratory that studies post-concussive vestibular impairment and internal carotid artery webs. Through his years of service and leadership, Allen’s vision aligns with what the future holds for the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences.

Radiology and DEIJ

A key ingredient in Allen’s leadership will be DEIJ efforts. He’s aware of the important role of Just Culture and diversity within the field of radiology and in the success of everyone within the department. “Just Culture is based upon shared accountability in which mistakes and errors are regarded as system failures and opportunities for improvement as opposed to personal failings,” said Allen. “I hope that as I get to know each person in the department, we’ll grow together in trust and learn how to not be afraid of failure but instead become fearless of the opportunity to do the best we can.”

Using this framework, Allen is already working closely with the department’s Chief DEIJ Officer, Leah Sieck, MD, to create sustainable opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees alike to uncover unconscious biases and learn to be effective upstanders and supporters of their colleagues. “DEIJ efforts play a vital role for the health of our department and profession,” said Allen. “Each year, our department provides dozens of DEIJ opportunities, and I plan to continue to make this a central role as we navigate our other focus areas of education, research and clinical service.”

Education that leads to innovation

With a foundation built upon transparency, inclusiveness, and collaboration, Allen aims to use his decades of experience to continue the department’s long history of exceptional education, innovative research and clinical expertise. His previous roles in private practice, hospital-based work and academic radiology have equipped him with an understanding of strategic planning, particularly aligning division and department initiatives with broader institutional goals.

During his time in private practice, Allen learned how to manage and lead a large clinical enterprise, as well as how to collaborate with hospital and other specialty practices in the development of workflows and business ventures. By continuing similar successful opportunities at IU School of Medicine, Allen will help the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences enhance its educational opportunities, recruit innovative minds to join as faculty and enhance current research and clinical innovation throughout the state.

Allen joins an incredible list of individuals who have led the department since its inception in 1947, including Jeffrey Dunkle, MD who served as interim chair since 2021. Allen is the first external chair to join the department since the 1970s, and his leadership and new vision will help transform the department toward a bright future in education, research and clinical service.

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