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<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">Each year the graduating class honors outstanding Indiana University&nbsp;School of Medicine members for their excellence in teaching and contributions during an Awards celebration. Read more about the 2022 Awards Celebration.&nbsp;</span></p>

2022 Awards Celebration Recap

Each year the graduating class honors outstanding IU School of Medicine members for their excellence in teaching and contributions during an Awards celebration.

From excellence in teaching within the basic and clinical science to recognizing other faculty and staff for their contributions – this is an opportunity for graduates to shine a spotlight on those who have positively impacted their medical school journey. Learners from each graduating class nominated and voted on these awards in the spring semester. During the Awards celebration, students awards from the Indiana University and IU School of Medicine are also recognized. The awards ceremony took place at 6pm ET on Thursday, May 12, 2022, at the Indiana Historical Society; Basile Theatre.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Outstanding Teaching of Basic Science Awards from the Class of 2022

  • R. Daniel Lodge-Rigal, MD, Bloomington
  • Gattadahalli S. Seetharam, PhD, Evansville
  • Jui-Hung (Jimmy) Yen, PhD, MS, Fort Wayne
  • Ashley S. Inman, MD, MS, BA, Indianapolis
  • Gerard M. Guillot III, PhD, Muncie
  • Brian G. Kennedy, PhD, Northwest
  • David L.Boone, PhD, South Bend
  • Tracy C. Vargo-Gogola, PhD, South Bend
  • Scott G. Canfield, PhD, Terre Haute
  • James D. Forney, PhD, West Lafayette

Outstanding Teaching of Clinical Sciences

  • Elizabeth A.Collins, MD, Anesthesia
  • Adam C. Trammel, MD, Emergency Medicine
  • Scott E. Renshaw, MD, Family Medicine
  • Joanne M. Wojcieszek, MD, Neurology
  • Anthony L.Shanks, MD, MS, OB/GYN
  • Zeb I.Saeed, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Dorota A.Szczepaniak, MD, FAAP, Pediatrics
  • Aimee E. Patel, MD, Psychiatry
  • Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, Radiology
  • Steven D. Mong, DO, General Surgery
  • Brian W. Gray, MD, Sub-specialty Surgery

Pandemic Pioneer from the Class of 2022
Lindsay A. Haskett, MSN

Outstanding Clerkship from the Class of 2022

Outstanding Clerkship Coordinator from the Class of 2022
James A. Graber, EM

Outstanding Support Staff from the Class of 2022
Nicole Messmore, MS, Community and Civic Engagement

Outstanding Regional Campus Support Staff from the Class of 2022
Suzi Tolliver, Bloomington

Outstanding Resident from the Class of 2022
Shae Jansen, MD, OB/GYN

Outstanding Fellow from the Class of 2022
Gerard D. Hills, MD, Pediatric hematology and oncology

Golden Apple Award from the Class of 2022
W. Graham Carlos III, MD

Medical Student Education Awards

Awards from IU School of Medicine

Valedictorian & Marcus Ravdin Medal Award
Alison Schmidt

Salutatorian Award
Seungyup Sun

Dean's Award
Colton Junod

Lorraine E. and Raymond A. Gaffney Scholarship Award
Elizabeth Day
Sara Dehbozorgi
Michael Harding

Mary Jean Yoder Memorial Award
Eric Aksu

Patricia A. Keener, Service-Learning Award
Aida Haddad

American Medical Women’s Association Glasgow Rubin Award
Alison Schmidt
Alexandra Trevino
Abigail Hadley
Jessica Berns
Samantha Holmes
Taylor Schaetzle
Jordan Ozolin
Tianna Vander Missen Yeung
Kayla Brown
Hanna House
Stephanie Marie Asdell
Kaylie Goldner
Ashley Hacker

USA Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award
Vitalis Osuji

Indiana State Medical Association Future Physician Leader Award
Alaina Turchi

Office of Diversity Affairs George H. Rawls Exemplary Scholar Award
Maria Khan

Office of Diversity Affairs Excellence in Service Award
Michael Harding

Office of Diversity Affairs Excellence in Research Award
Cody Stewart

Julius M Goodman Scholarship
Weston Troja

Lynda Means Award
Sara Dehbozorgi

Jancie M Pascuzzi Awards
Alejandro Bolivar
Colton Junod
Maria Kahn
Holly VanDeman
Tianna Vander Missen Yueng

Departmental Awards

Department of Anatomy John Barnhill Human Structure Award
Connor Holcomb

Department of Anatomy John Barnhill Neuroscience and Behavior Award
Griffin Selch

Student Excellence in Anesthesia
Natalie Campbell

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award
Natalie Mark

Medical Student Professionalism and Service Award in Emergency Medicine
Sean Buehler

Spirit of Excellence Award for Community Service and Leadership in Family Medicine
Annie Gensel
Michael Jennings

Department of Family Medicine Global Citizen Award
Alejandro Enrique Bolivar

Department of Medicine Student Service Award
Erin Bammann

Department of Medicine John B. Hickam Award
Margaret MacPhail

Department of Neurology Alexander Treloar Ross Award
Olivia Cummings

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Roy Norman Rheinhardt Memorial Award
Alison Schmidt

Richard S. Hansell, MD Award for Outstanding Senior Student Teaching in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Leah Frischmann

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Diversity Award
Zachary Gunderson

The Dr. William Capello Outstanding 4th year Orthopaedic Medical Student Award
Madeline Smith

Department of Otolaryngology Edward C. Weisberger, MD Award
Chelsea Witsberger

Department of Pathology J. Donald Hubbard Award
Nicholas J. Polster

Department of Pathology Carleton D. Nordschow Award
Nicholas J. Polster

Department of Pediatrics Tina Kwan Award
Cassandra Prather

Department of Pediatrics Lyman T. Meiks Clinical Award
Corinne Kumar

Department of Pediatrics Lyman T. Meiks Research Award
Chiamara Anokwute

Department of Pediatrics John E. Heubi Award in Ambulatory Pediatrics
Tianna Vander Missen Yeung

Department of Pharmacology K.K. Chen Award
Jennifer Martynowicz

Department of Psychiatry Patricia H. Sharpley Award
Lauren Bryant

Student Excellence in Radiology Award
Lindsey F. Wells

Department of Surgery Indiana Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Award
Andrew Thyen

Department of Surgery Dr. and Mrs. John N. Pittman Surgery Awards
Aaron Gilani
Sarah Huber
Sai Nelanuthala
Ali Roper
Andrew Thyen

Dolores Cikrit Memorial Scholarship
Brycen Ratcliffe

Indiana University Awards

Class of 1985 and Todd B. Taylor Leadership Award
Aida Haddad

Gerald Bepko Award for Excellence in Professionalism
Stephanie Asdell

Gerald Bepko Award for Excellence in Community Service
Sean Buehler

William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion
Vitalis Osuji

IUPUI Elite 50
Connor Bunch
Sara Dehbozorgi
Sara Ibrahim
Colton Junod
Courtney Raab
Brycen Ratcliffe

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