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Class of 2023: Four years of resilience and integrity

Class of 2023 IUSM

The Class of 2023 has charted through rough waters to get to today, less than a week from Graduation. Eight short months into the first year of medical school, the COVID-19 pandemic asked much from the class in terms of adaptability, patience, and resilience. Nearly four years later, the class emerges on the other side of a changed world with integrity, ready to take on residency and the rest of their career. Let’s look at a few of the achievements of the Class of 2023:

  • 99.7% of the Class of 2023 Matched to residency programs in over 38 states, including John Hopkins University, New York University, Stanford University, Yale University, the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, and IU School of Medicine. 
  • During the summer of 2020, Harjas Singh, Class of 2023, and his sister, Harleen Kaur, MD, a resident in internal medicine at IU School of Medicine, used the time off from the clinical and laboratory settings to delve into the effect of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) on the skin and  published their paper in Advances in Wound Care.
  • 91.6% of the Class of 2023 felt IU School of Medicine did a good job fostering and nurturing their development as future physicians during their first Phase of medical education, according to the Y2Q. The class also left lasting feedback that resulted in improvements in time management with faculty.
  • 37 students were inducted into the Gold Humanism Society in the Fall of 2022.
  • Significant personal victories were reached, such as how Emily Iannopollo left an established career in information technology to study medicine.
  • Punit Vyas earned the Charles R. Bantz Award for Excellence at the IUPUI Elite 50 banquette. 
  • Class of 2023 MD students were recognized as a part of the IUPUI Elite 50 in 2022 and 2023.

These victories only scratch the surface of what your class has achieved over the last four years. On Monday, you will walk across the stage at the Graduate Recognition in acknowledgment of these triumphs and others.

If you haven’t already, we hope you will take 25-30 minutes to complete the Graduation Questionnaire administered by the AAMC before the Graduate Recognition on Monday. This questionnaire is your last chance for your voice to be heard and leave a lasting impact on medical students who come after you. Taking the GQ is a sign of professionalism and will help IU School of Medicine continue to improve. The GQ includes questions related to:

  • Pre-clinical, clinical, and elective experiences
  • General medical education and readiness for residency
  • Student services
  • Experiences of negative behaviors
  • Financial aid and indebtedness
  • Career intentions 
  • Strengths of the medical school and areas that need improvement

While the GQ is voluntary, we hope you will wrap up your education professionally and leave a legacy of improvement at IU School of Medicine. 


Learn about the GQ.

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Megan is a communications specialist in Medical Student Education. She calls herself a storyteller, having worked with many publications and companies to write engaging, creative, and compelling content. Before joining IU School of Medicine in March 2022, she worked as assistant editor of communications at IU School of Dentistry, content manager at an Indianapolis-based content marketing company, and a freelance writer.