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Meet Medical Student Council President Faith Roberts

Faith Roberts is a rising fourth-year medical student at IU School of Medicine. She started her role as Medical Student Council (MSC) President in January 2022. We asked her a few questions about her interests in medicine, leadership, and her role as president. 

What are your interests/passions in medicine? I am passionate about finding ways to improve access to healthcare and working to restore trust in medicine among minoritized communities.

What are your prior leadership experiences? I have enjoyed leadership early involvement in MSC as an Indianapolis Regional Chair (formerly known as Indianapolis Class Representative) during my first and second year and serving as VP of Statewide Affairs on the Executive Board during most of third year. Serving on the MSC has been a very valuable part of my medical education and journey. Group photo of MSC Executive Board Retreat
What has been your favorite part about being president? I have loved being able to make progress on initiatives that will improve student life in the future.  For example, we have worked with IUSM deans and faculty to modify the medical equipment supply requirements to maximize clinical education and minimize student’s financial burden.  We are also working with administration to enhance communication with students statewide and improve existing policies, such as the Adverse Weather Policy.

What is your vision for the medical student body?  My vision for the medical student body is to strengthen our community, solidify our structure, and continue student advocacy on every level.

Group photo MSC Executive Board/Class presidents dinner with Dr. Wallach

What are your goals during your time as president?  This year, one of my goals is to continue the momentum of advocacy by elevating student voices. Student voices are how we improve IU School of Medicine, and we have leaders in wellness, curriculum, student groups, committees, DEI, service learning, finance, and leadership that are all dedicated to making tour school a better place. I want students to know where they can turn if they need help elevating concerns, and we will work toward a solution. I am also passionate about restoring and reigniting our sense of community at IU School of Medicine.COVID-19 has impacted our sense of community together, and as things continue to look better, I would like to return to an emphasis on building and growing together. We will host more in-person events and promote more networking and mentoring opportunities for everyone.

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Megan Stephens

Megan is a communications specialist in Medical Student Education. She calls herself a storyteller, having worked with many publications and companies to write engaging, creative, and compelling content. Before joining IU School of Medicine in March 2022, she worked as assistant editor of communications at IU School of Dentistry, content manager at an Indianapolis-based content marketing company, and a freelance writer.