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<p><span>Wondering how to integrate research and clinical care?&nbsp;</span></p>

Looking for additional ways to fund your research?

42748-Sen, Chandan

42748-Sen, Chandan

Looking for additional ways to fund your research? Wondering how to integrate research and clinical care? Want to enhance your training programs to develop a workforce in your research specialty? Check out this video where Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Tatiana Foroud, PhD, interviews Associate Dean of Research, Chandan Sen, PhD, about his success in all three of these areas. Through this conversation as part of a recent IU Grand Challenge Precision Health Initiative retreat, Sen offers both practical advice and innovative solutions for funding research, combining research and clinical care to create the best outcomes for patients, and developing a graduate program that benefits industry and academia alike.

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Christine Drury

Associate Director, Research Communications

Christine joined IU in February of 2018 as the Associate Director of Research Communications. In her role she is responsible for directing communications for the IU Precision Health Initiative, Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and r...