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Dual Degrees
Dual degrees in the MD program help students prepare for a career that supplements expertise in clinical patient care with a second specialty.

MD Dual Degree Programs

IU School of Medicine’s MD curriculum trains well-rounded physicians by holistically incorporating training in basic sciences, clinical care, hospital system sciences, ethics and more. Yet some students want more. Pursuing a dual degree allows these students to adjust the traditional four-year MD education schedule to complete an additional complementary degree such as a PhD, MBA, JD, MPH or MS.

Students enrolled in MD dual degree programs first complete Phase 1 (pre-clinical education) of the MD curriculum. At the end of Phase 1, dual degree students transition to their graduate programs to complete those degree requirements. Dual degree students return to the MD program to begin clinical clerkships at the conclusion of their graduate degree.

The process for pursuing dual degrees is highly customized for each student at IU School of Medicine. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree work one-on-one with a lead advisor and the Mentoring and Advising Program (MAP) team to craft a personalized plan of study. Many dual degree plans coordinate with the MD curriculum, often reducing the additional time required to complete both degrees.

Dual Admissions

Most MD Dual Degree Programs require admission to IU School of Medicine as well as the IU school conferring the second degree. Students interested in starting the application process for an MD dual degree program can get started by applying to IU School of Medicine.

Apply for MD

  • Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

    The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at IU School of Medicine prepares future leaders in academic medicine and medical research. The program centers on an integrated curriculum that blends a rigorous education in medicine with intensive training in scientific inquiry. Graduates of the program earn both a MD and a PhD, signifying their expertise in both clinical practice and scientific research.

    Learn more about the Medical Scientist Training Program.

  • MD/JD

    An MD/JD dual degree is useful for students interested in learning more about health law or pursuing a career in academic medicine. Students interested in a MD/JD dual degree must apply separately to both the IU School of Medicine and the IU McKinney School of Law and be accepted by both programs.

    Learn more about the MD/JD dual degree requirements.

  • MD/MPH

    IU School of Medicine and the IU School of Public Health together developed the MD/MPH dual degree program that integrates medicine and public health training. Students learn core public health topics, including environmental health, infectious disease control, biostatistics, disease prevention and health policy, while pursuing medical training required to be a physician. Students interested in the combined MD/MPH degree can specify this interest during the application process for the IU School of Medicine MD program. Current MD students can also apply for the dual degree program at any point in their medical education through IU Fairbanks School of Public Health Master of Public Health program.

  • MD/MBA

    IU School of Medicine and IU Kelley School of Business partner to offer the MD/MBA dual degree for highly qualified students who desire to complement medical training with a greater understanding of economics, finance, marketing and management of the health care system. Students in this program begin their medical training before integrating course work with the IU Kelley School of Business degree requirements. The degrees are conferred simultaneously when all joint degree requirements are met, which typically occurs after five years of graduate education. To pursue an MD/MBA, students must apply separately to both the IU School of Medicine and Kelley School of Business and be accepted by both programs to pursue the joint MD/MBA degree.

    Learn more about the MD/MBA program.

  • MD/MA or MD/MS

    In addition to educating future physicians, IU School of Medicine is deeply committed to developing future health care leaders and scholars in medicine. That’s why IU School of Medicine offers dual degrees that allow students to receive a master’s degree in addition to an MD degree. Master’s degree specializations include philosophy (with a bioethics focus); philanthropy; clinical research; biomedical engineering; and more. Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree should explore the individual program requirements and reach out to their lead advisors to begin the next steps.


    Medical students can pursue a Master's of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering (MS BME) through one-year programs offered in both West Lafayette and Indianapolis. Students earning this degree will gain first-hand knowledge of medical technology innovation and strategies for clinical translation. They will strengthen their ability to pursue medical research, to facilitate clinical testing of new therapies, or to collaborate effectively with biomedical industry. Students interested in pursuing a master’s degree should explore the individual program requirements and reach out to their lead advisors to begin the next steps.

    West Lafayette Contacts:

    Andrew Brightman, PhD
    Assistant Head of Biomedical Engineering
    Associate Professor of Engineering Practice
    Purdue University

    Craig Goergen, PhD
    Leslie A. Geddes Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Director of Clinical Programs
    Purdue University

    Indianapolis Contact:

    Julie Y. Ji, PhD
    Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Program
    Department of Biomedical Engineering
    IUPUI Purdue School of Engineering & Technology