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Medical Simulation Fellows have the opportunity to grow by leading and authoring research projects in addition to assisting and mentoring colleagues in the completion of their research. Over the course of the program, fellows become proficient in simulation research statistical analysis. Subsequently, fellows may apply for a seed grant to fund the acquisition of simulation-based equipment or conduct a novel study. Fellows also prepare and facilitate a Simulation Center Journal Club.

Former Simulation Fellows Scholarly Projects under Simulation Fellowship Director Rami Ahmed, DO, MED
2017-2018 Elaine Riefkohl-Ortiz, MD, Simulation Medical Director, Ocala Regional Medical Center-Ocala, FL.
Riefkohl-Ortiz E, Yee J, Gothard MD, Frey J, Hughes PG, Ballas D, Ahmed RA. Iatrogenic Critical Care Procedure Complication Boot Camp: A Simulation Based Pilot Study. Academic Emergency Medicine Education and Training. 2018.
2016-2018 Derek Ballas, DO, MHPE, Simulation fellowship director, Summa Health,-Akron, OH
Ballas D, Cesta M, Roulette GD, Rusnak M, Ahmed RA. Emergency undocking in robotic surgery: A simulation curriculum. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2018. PMID: 29863667.
2016-2017 Ahmad Khobrani, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consultant and medical simulation educator -King Faisal Medical City, Saudi Arabia.
Khobrani A, Patel NH, George RL, McNinch NL, Ahmed RA. Pediatric trauma boot camp: a simulation curriculum and pilot study. Emergency Medicine International. 2018 January. PMID: 29535873.
2014-2017 Jennifer Yee, DO, Simulation Director, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Ohio State University- Columbus, OH.
Yee J, Fuenning C, George R, Hejal R, Haines N, Dunn D, Gothard MD, Ahmed RA. Mechanical Ventilation Boot Camp: A Simulation-Based Pilot Study. Critical Care Research and Practice. 2016 February. PMID: 26949545.
2015-2016 Fabiana Ortiz-Figueroa, MD, Simulation Faculty, Duke University- Durham, NC.
Ortiz Figueroa F, Moftakhar Y, Dobbins IV AL, Khan R, Dasgupta R, Blanda R, Marchand T, Ahmed RA. Trauma Boot Camp: A Simulation-Based Pilot Study. Cureus. 2016 January; 8(1): e463. PMID: 26929890.
2014-2016 Jose Cepeda Brito, MD, Simulation Faculty, University of Kansas- Wichita, KS.
Cepeda Brito J, Hughes PG, Firestone K, Ortiz Figueroa F, Johnson K, Ruthenburg T, McKinney R, Gothard MD, Ahmed RA. NRP Rolling refresher: Maintaining Chest Compression Proficiency through the use of Simulation Based Education. Advances in Neonatal Care. 2017. PMID: 28195835.
2014-2017 Patrick Hughes, DO, MEHP, Emergency Medicine Simulation Director, Florida Atlantic University- Boca Raton, FL.
Hughes PG, Cepeda Brito J, Ahmed RA. Training the trainers: A survey of simulation fellowship graduates. Canadian Medical Education Journal. June 2017. PMID: 29098050.
2013-2014 Umbar Khan, MD, Medical Simulation Program Director, King Fahad Royal Hospital-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Khan U, Atkinson SS, Gable BD, Gardner AK, Ahmed RA. Initial validation of a modified suction task training system. Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy. 2015 January; 51(1):13-17 .PMID: 26078623.
2011-2013 Aimee (King) Gardner, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Research & Evaluation, School of Allied Health Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine- Houston, TX.
Gardner AK, Ahmed RA, George RL, Frey JA. In Situ Simulation to Assess Workplace Attitudes and Effectiveness in a New Facility. Simulation in Healthcare. 2013 Dec; 8(6): 351-8. PMID: 24096917.
2011-2014 Brad Gable, MD, MS, System Medical Director, Medical Simulation, OhioHealth- Columbus, Ohio.
Gable BD, Gardner AK, Bhalla, MC, Celik, DH, and Ahmed RA. Improving Bariatric Patient Transport and Care with Simulation. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2014 March; 15(2):199-204. PMID: 24672612.

Publications & Presentations

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