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The Early Autism Evaluation (EAE) Hub system is a statewide network of primary care practices committed to lowering the age of ASD diagnosis through improving rates of developmental screening and providing diagnostic evaluations for toddlers at-risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The EAE Hub system also serves as a laboratory to conduct health services research and a collaborative forum to promote idea development and innovation. Our goal is to develop and evaluate equitable service models that promote identification of autism and developmental disabilities and streamlined entry into interventions at the earliest point possible to improve child and family outcomes. The EAE team uses a variety of quality improvement and research methodologies to track performance and adherence to best practices as well as test innovative approaches to training, diagnosis, and care management of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Recent and ongoing projects

  • a child plays with a toy while a computer and camera in front of her conduct evaluationExamination of diagnostic accuracy of the EAE Hub system
  • Family satisfaction with the EAE hub model of evaluation
  • Evaluation of racial and ethnic profiles and disparities of children evaluated across the system
  • Development of EAE Hub-Spanish for Latine Spanish-speaking children at-risk for autism
  • Innovative models of resident and clinician training in autism diagnosis
  • Evaluation of eye-tracking biomarkers to improve accuracy of community-based autism diagnosis
  • Tracking autism prevalence and age of first diagnosis in a central Indiana Medicaid cohort

Our work is made possible by generous support from:

  • a provider and child play with bubblesRiley Children’s Foundation 
  • Kiwanis Indiana
  • Robert & Helen Haddad Family Foundation
  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Indiana Department of Health
  • Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
  • Purdue Big Ideas Competition 2.0
  • Society for Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

Evidence for the EAE Hub Model

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*Connected Commentary highlighting this paper: 
Hyman, S. & Kroening, A. Diagnosing autism spectrum disorders in primary care: When you know, you know. Pediatrics. Published online July 18, 2023. 

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Additional research affiliated with the EAE Hub System

McNally Keehn, R., Enneking, B., Ryan, T., James, C., Tang, Q., Blewitt, A., Tomlin, A., Corona, L., & Wagner., L. (in press). Tele-assessment of young children referred for autism spectrum disorder evaluation during COVID-19: Associations among clinical characteristics and diagnostic outcome. Autism. 

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