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Resources for Peer Review

General Process for Conducting Peer Reviews of Teaching at IU School of Medicine

  1. A faculty member contacts FAPD to request a peer review of teaching. A team member reaches out to you to conduct the review.  
  2. You agree, and a review appointment is scheduled via a calendar invitation to you and the reviewee. 
  3. You contact the reviewee to schedule your pre-review meeting (approximately 30 minutes). 
  4. At the pre-review meeting, you discuss goals, gather any materials to be reviewed, and edit the peer review template to reflect the teaching scenario. 
  5. You conduct the review. If it is a synchronous review, make sure to spend about one hour and observe both the learners and the faculty member if possible. 
  6. Complete the peer review form during and after your observation. 
  7. Schedule your post-review meeting with the reviewee, reviewing your draft form with the reviewee, and discussing an action plan for future improvements. 
  8. Revise the completed peer review form and send it to the reviewee. The form now becomes the property of the reviewee.  

Peer Review Form Template

The reviewer and reviewee should collaboratively edit the template to remove items not applicable to the teaching situation being observed. Please do not use this template as-is.