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Make an Impact

A planned gift to Indiana University School of Medicine leaves a legacy, and it comes with no limits. Your generosity supports future healers, empowers scientists to pursue bold discoveries, and transforms health. If you want to see an immediate impact or to ensure it continues beyond your lifetime, we can craft a plan to fit your philanthropic goals.

Planned and Estate Gifts

At IU School of Medicine, our gift planning team is committed to guiding donors through each step of the process. To ensure your gift is documented correctly, and that your intent is clear, donors should let the School of Medicine know ahead of time about a contribution.

Types of Planned Gifts

For donors considering a planned gift, there are many gift types at your disposal, each with its benefits and nuances based on your age, assets, and giving amount. Understanding each gift type can help you determine which one is right for you.

Spirit of Medicine

New Tax Law Benefits IRA Owners

We want to share with you a few of the best ways to make a tax-smart gift to support the School of Medicine. Your gift can help us fulfill our important mission of preparing healers and transforming health.

Tim W. Ueber  |  Mar 29, 2023

Explore the Options

The Office of Gift Development has a gift-planning professional, Tim W. Ueber, available to help donors explore options for establishing a planned gift to benefit IU School of Medicine. The team can work with your financial and estate planning advisors to accomplish specific goals. 

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