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Learn about the orientation process for Graduate Medical Education that applies to new residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine.

New Resident and Fellow Enrollment

New residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine must complete the enrollment process, which begins at the end of March each academic year. A welcome email from the residency or fellowship program coordinator includes important information about hire requirements, access to the Enrollment Portal, and frequently asked questions with answers.

Required Documents for Appointment

All required documents are available to incoming residents and fellows through the IU School of Medicine GME Enrollment Portal on or around March 31. An email notice from MedHub Notifications contains a unique link to access the portal. Additionally, new residents and fellows are required to read the GME Handbook, complete an electronic I-9 form, electronically sign tax-withholding documents, create an IU Account, and sign up for benefits and direct deposit. Detailed instructions and a timeline are communicated from the GME Office. International medical graduates must complete the appropriate Visa Application and coordinate with the GME Office. Explore the FAQ for Completing Enrollment Documents for additional information.


Graduate Medical Education (GME) orientation contains at least three stages that require mandatory attendance: online modules (prior to arrival), a half-day live on-site orientation and department/ program orientation.

  • Online Orientation: Instructions are provided in the Enrollment Portal. Modules typically open in May each academic year. New residents and fellows should plan to spend about 15 hours over several days to complete all of the required modules before the clinical start date.
  • Live Orientation: The half-day live orientation prepares new residents and fellows for the administrative, academic and clinical expectations for participation in the IU School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education program. The orientation curriculum enables incoming resident and fellow physicians to be successful in the work and clinical learning environment. Focus topics include the profession of medicine at IU School of Medicine, GME support services, priorities of the GME program, and resources available to residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine. Check with the Program Coordinator for your assigned date.
  • Department/ Program Orientation: This stage of orientation is organized and scheduled by the department and program that hosts the residency or fellowship program. Contact the program coordinator for details.