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GME Wellness Toolkit

Committed to Resident Physician Well-Being​​​​​​

Psychological, emotional, and physical well-being are critical in the development of the competent, caring, and resilient physician and require proactive attention to life inside and outside of medicine. IU School of Medicine recognizes the importance of creating a learning and working environment with a culture of respect and accountability where constructive behaviors are modeled to prepare resident physicians with the skills and attitudes needed to thrive throughout their careers.

Our commitment to promoting resident well-being for individuals and as related to the learning and working environment is rooted in the ACGME Common Program Requirements, Section VI.C. Explore the ACGME Well-Being Tools and Resources at the Online Learning Portal of the ACGME.

Wellness Toolkit

Self-care and the responsibility to support other members of the health care team are skills that must be modeled, learned, and nurtured in the context of residency training. This Wellness Toolkit is designed to provide resources to assist with the development of those skills along with ensuring residents, fellows, program directors, and coordinators can connect to tools and various resources to promote the well-being of resident and fellow physicians.

Wellness Model at IU School of Medicine

At IU School of Medicine, our wellness paradigm centers on the connection between personal growth, team collaboration, and system culture.

  • System culture includes organizational values, efficiency of practice, and addressing administrative burdens, wellness-centered leadership

  • Team collaboration includes team building, meaning in work, engagement and local culture, professional fulfillment

  • Personal growth includes wellness in eight dimensions: emotional, intellectual, occupational, social, financial, physical, spiritual, environmental

wellness model shows the word wellness inside a ring of three items - system culture, team collaboration and personal growth
a circle split into 8 wedges show the 8 dimensions of wellness

Access resource libraries focused on addressing specific concerns related to resident/fellow wellness.

Quick Links

For Program Directors

Professional Fulfillment Index

The Professional Fulfillment Index (PFI) was developed by researchers at Stanford Medical School and is designed for use by patient-facing clinicians/providers.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education works with residency and fellowship directors to survey residents and fellows and report aggregated data with nationally benchmarked scores to reveal levels of engagement and burnout.

In addition to annual PFI surveys for each GME program, program directors may also request an additional PFI Pulse for their groups as a way to gauge engagement and burnout and track changes over time.

For Residents and Fellows

AMA GME Competency Education Modules

IU School of Medicine residents and fellows can access the American Medical Association (AMA) GME Competence Education Program (GCEP), which includes competency education modules on resident wellness, through their membership sponsored by the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Log in using your AMA credentials to access these modules directly. For questions related to GCEP access, contact

AMA benefit/wellness resources

All residents and fellows are entitled to free AMA memberships and should receive a welcome email from the AMA with a link to activate membership. Membership includes various benefits and discounts, plus a free two year subscription to Headspace.