Lilly Graduate Research Advanced Degree

The Lilly Graduate Research Advanced Degrees (LGRAD) program is designed to create a pathway for Lilly employees to obtain an advanced degree in one of the existing graduate programs at IU School of Medicine.

Program Initiatives

Fostering a collaborative relationship between the university and a leading research company, the LGRAD program establishes the means for Eli Lilly & Co. employees to obtain a PhD in one of the existing graduate programs at IU School of Medicine while maintaining their employee status. This collaborative relationship results in tangible benefits for both research enterprises.

Program Requirements

Students are expected to participate in the full spectrum of graduate activities, including qualifying exams and dissertation defense, which should not conflict with Lilly’s commercial interests. The dissertation should be publishable and hypothesis-driven yet not part of normal duties as a Lilly employee. The makeup of the dissertation committee following admission to candidacy is standard; however, one member of the committee will be a Lilly employee mentor.


Employees of Eli Lilly and Company who are interested in participating in this program should follow the same application process as candidates for the Indiana BioMedical Gateway (IBMG) Program for PhD Study at IU School of Medicine.

PhD Admissions


  • Is financial support provided to program applicants?
    IU School of Medicine does not provide tuition, stipend or insurance to LGRAD participants. Eli Lilly and Company provides financial support according to the company’s policies.
  • Who is considered applicable for the program?
    Full-time Lilly employees are accepted to the LGRAD program.
  • Who approves program participation?
    An LGRAD candidate must get approval from an Eli Lilly mentor to apply. If admitted by the IU School of Medicine Admissions Committee, the Graduate Division will confirm with the Lilly mentor before sending an offer letter.
  • I'm a Lilly employee; how do I apply
    Apart from the approval process, LGRAD participants follow the same application process as other PhD students. Visit the PhD Programs Admissions page for details.