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How to create an iLab account

In iLab, click on the 'Register' link in the upper right corner. Register with your IU credentials.

If you are not a PI:

  • Select your PI/lab, verify your contact information, and ask your PI to be added to their lab. If you have accounts with many different PIs, you will need to contact each PI to be added to their lab. Once your registration has been submitted, your PI will receive a notification that you have requested membership to their group in iLab. They will need to approve your membership and assign any funding accounts for your use. Only then you will be able to request ICBM membership.
  • After you are added to your lab group(s) and have permission to use at least one account, return to iLab and request access to the ICBM facility. In the upper left corner menu, select 'Core Facilities'. Search for the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy. Send a request to be added to the facility group. You should receive an email from ICBM once your permission is granted. 
  • After your access to the ICBM is granted you will be able to login to our reservation page.

If you are a PI:

  • In the left-hand menu, select your lab in 'My Groups' under 'Manage Groups.'
  • To approve lab membership requests, select the ‘Membership Requests & Accounts’ tab. New membership requests will show at the top of this page (you will also be notified via email). Alternatively, you can search for your lab members or collaborators and add them to your group. In order for non-lab members to bill to your account, they must be members of your group in iLab.
  • All reservations will require your approval unless you set an auto-approval amount (default set to $500). To change the approval amount from default, select the 'Members' panel and enter a dollar amount in the 'Auto Pre-Approval' amount and save settings. You can also set up a maximum amount, and an overage buffer, for each account and member of your lab.
  • To assign funding accounts to your group member, navigate to ‘Manage Accounts,’ select the checkbox(es) to the right of their name for the funding account(s) you wish to assign them. Please note that you have to assign at least one account to each member in order for them to request access to our facility.
  • If you are personally using the facility, you also need to request access to ICBM (please see instructions above).
  • You can delegate these notifications/approvals to a financial manager. To do so, please email with your financial manager’s name and email.
  • After your access to the ICBM is granted you will be able to login to our reservation page.


Users will be billed by the hours they have reserved in the reservation system. Once signed, users are financially responsible for the assigned time and may cancel their reservation up to the last 48 hours before the scheduled time. After this time, users are released from their financial obligation only if they can find a replacement user. This can be done by successfully selling the reservation using the “Sell” option in the ICBM scheduling software.

User responsibilities

  • Keep excess oil off of the objectives and stage.
  • Keep the microscope areas clean and remove all belongings after each session.
  • Promptly report any observed problems with system performance to ICBM staff.

If you have an issue with a system during your session, please notify Gosia Kamocka via email within 48 hours after the completion of your reservation. Without this notice, you will be charged for your reservation.


Users are encouraged to email the ICBM with questions, suggestions, or complaints.

Additional policies