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Gastroenterology Fellowship Life

Chief Fellow's Message

I am excited that you are considering the Gastroenterology Fellowship program at Indiana University School of Medicine for your next step in training.

What will you find at IU School of Medicine? There is a diverse and robust clinical experience across several clinical sites seeing a variety of pathology and learning from the best on how to perform endoscopy. No matter how strange it feels at first, I promise you will eventually be comfortable with a scope in your hands. Interested in research? IU is home to the thought leaders in essentially every niche of gastroenterology and hepatology—from modeling drug-induced liver injury recovery to refining large colon polyp resection technique to predicting who gets post-ERCP pancreatitis. Want to clarify something you read in the guidelines? Just look around - many of our faculty write those guidelines. 

Not to be outdone by the diverse clinical experience nor defined by their clinical and research expertise, our faculty are also a diverse collection of personalities. That faculty member who bought cookies for clinic also wrote the colon cancer surveillance guidelines. That faculty member over there looking at cholangiograms is happy to talk about pancreatic cysts, but you might have to hear his opinion on how the Colts played last night first. They'll ask if your dad is still working while rounding with you on hepatology consults (he's almost 80 and yes, he is still working) or sing along to classic rock songs playing on the radio while walking you through an endoscopic mucosal resection.

Finally, you will quickly gain 15 new friends in your co-fellows who will be there to support you throughout the 3 years - not just to talk about difficult cases or making it through those tough calls, but also important things like trying new restaurants or going to concerts.

If you come to IU, you will not just graduate with the confidence to practice gastroenterology for your career, but you'll have gained a network of mentors and friends to help you for the rest of your life.

Good luck and I hope to meet you!

50329-Guardiola, John

John Guardiola, MD

University of Louisville School of Medicine

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Group of IU Gastro fellows and faculty out at dinner for Foodie Friday.
IU Gastro Fellows gathered at Penn and Beech for a group photo.

Day in the Life of a Gastroenterology Fellow


Follow along as Chelsea Jacobs, DO, and Feenalie Patel, MD take you through a day in a life as an IU Gastro fellow.

Life in Indianapolis

Nationally ranked for its livability, thriving Indianapolis has something to offer for everyone. Our fellows live in various parts of the Indianapolis area. Some prefer to live downtown near Mass Ave. to enjoy the thriving restaurant scene, the beautiful canal, and cultural trail. Others live in the suburbs, enjoying various parks and family friendly activities. With no shortage of professional sports teams, craft breweries, and the largest children's museum in the world, Indianapolis has something for you. 

See more of the beautiful city, and learn more about everything Indianapolis has to offer on Visit Indy.

Explore the Indianapolis Campus

IUPUI/IU Health Aerial View