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Sleep Medicine Fellowship

The Sleep Medicine Fellowship is a one-year ACGME-accredited program that trains leaders in the field of sleep medicine through a diverse experience and multidisciplinary faculty, including sleep experts in the fields of pulmonary and critical care medicine, neurology, internal medicine, pediatric pulmonary medicine, pediatric neurology, psychology, otolaryngology, and dental sleep medicine. We have 2 sleep medicine fellowship positions available per academic year. The educational experience includes collaborations with various locations on the IU School of Medicine Indianapolis campus, including the IU Health Sleep Disorders Center, Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, Eskenazi Health, the IU Health Neuroscience Center, and the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center.

Clinical and Teaching Experiences

Fellows are provided with diverse exposure to the entire spectrum of sleep disorders and interpret various sleep studies including diagnostic polysomnography, titration studies, home sleep tests, MSLTs, MWTs, and actigraphy. Weekly educational sessions by faculty and staff and formal conferences including monthly sleep medicine journal club and case conferences are held to enhance the learning experience.


  • Introduction to Sleep Medicine
    During this introductory month, the fellows spend time in the sleep laboratory learning the technical aspects of sleep diagnostics and with Home Care Services to experience PAP set-ups and management. Basics of sleep medicine didactics are also provided by faculty and staff.
  • Adult Sleep Medicine
    The fellows evaluate and manage adult patients in sleep clinics from diverse patient populations, including IU Health Sleep Disorders Center, the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, and Eskenazi Health. The fellows also interpret adult sleep studies, including diagnostic polysomnography, titration studies, home sleep tests, MSLTs, MWTs, and actigraphy.
  • Dental Sleep Medicine
    The fellows have the opportunity to work with and observe local dentists who are board-certified in dental sleep medicine and help care for patients as a part of the multidisciplinary approach to sleep apnea management.
  • Otolaryngology¬†
    The fellows learn and observe sleep otolaryngology, including nasopharyngoscopy and sleep apnea-directed surgery. We are a Center of Excellence for hypoglossal nerve stimulator implants, which allows fellows to have the opportunity to observe the entire process from implantation to activation and follow up.
  • Pediatric Sleep Medicine

    The fellows spend time with the Sleep Medicine Program at Riley Hospital for Children rotating in pediatric sleep clinics and interpreting pediatric sleep studies.

  • Sleep Psychology
    The fellows work closely with board-certified sleep psychologists learning behavioral sleep medicine, including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.