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Katie Duffey

Katie Duffey joined the Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications as assistant director in 2018 after a 14-year career in newspaper journalism. Contact Katie at

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Why Does Kathy Miller Hate Pink?

For the breast cancer researcher, the color reminds her of the work IU School of Medicine still must do to turn breakthroughs in the lab into treatments for patients.

Katie Duffey  |  Jan 06, 2020

An Improbable Journey

For Rhea Sharma, life began a world away from Indiana—in a refugee camp. Her father was a freedom fighter and human rights activist in Bhutan, a small nation wedged between China and India. And when the country’s government carried out an ethnic cleansing, the family fled to a refugee camp in neighboring Nepal. In 1995, this was where Sharma was born. Today, Sharma is a first-year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine-Fort Wayne. She is just one member […]

Katie Duffey  |  Sep 05, 2019