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Karen Spataro

Director of Strategic Communications

Karen Spataro served as director of the Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications from 2018-2020. She is now the Chief Communications Officer at Riley Children's Foundation.

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Better by Design

Michael Weiss has developed a more stable form of insulin and aims to transform how people with diabetes worldwide receive treatment.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

FDA Signs Off on New XLH Drug

The work done by Michael Econs laid the groundwork for treating the rare and painful bone disorder.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

‘A Death Star for Blood Clots’

Researchers in emergency medicine are exploring nanoparticle technology that could break up dangerous clots.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

Exercise reduces Alzheimer’s risk. Why?

An IU scientist explores the connection between physical activity and decreasing inflammation.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

A Gift of Hope

A $14 million gift by the Walther Cancer Foundation will focus on cancer patients’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

Delivering a One-Two Punch to Cancer

Radiation oncologist Richard Zellars combines chemotherapy and radiation to shorten the time it takes to treat breast cancer.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

Putting a Stake in the Ground

The newly created Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research aims to tackle an aggressive form of the disease.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

Confident About the Future

IU School of Medicine aspires to make Hoosiers healthier and build resiliency among the healers it trains.

Karen Spataro  |  Jul 01, 2018

Undaunted and Determined

Learning to fly, launching successful start-ups, surmounting mountains and dabbling in French. IU School of Medicine alumnus Don Brown accomplishes a task when he puts his mind to it. Now he’s hoping a gift can help researchers harness the power of immunotherapy.

Karen Spataro  |  Jun 01, 2017

Revving Up the Immune System

With new center, IU aspires to become a collaborative hub for cellbased therapies. Its first target: multiple myeloma.

Karen Spataro  |  Jun 01, 2017