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Muncie’s Medicine Mansion

Students doing rotations at Ball Memorial Hospital can stay at a plush pad with critical amenities.

Matthew Harris  |  Jan 09, 2019

Will I be next?

For many families, what should be some of the best years of their lives will be stolen by a degenerative brain condition.

Bobby King  |  Jan 01, 2019

The Faces of Regeneration

Can skin cells and a nanochip grow new flesh, nerve cells and organs? At IU School of Medicine, Chandan Sen and his team explore the frontiers of regenerative medicine.

Bobby King  |  Jan 01, 2019

The Psychology of Surgery

The surgical skills center teaches surgeons the nuts and bolts of their craft. But it also goes further - Equipping them with the tools to cope with stress.

Matthew Harris  |  Jan 01, 2019

The Doctors Will See You Soon

First year students tell us their hopes and dreams - what inspired the choice to become a healer.

Bobby King  |  Jan 01, 2019

Sell a House, Build a Legacy

A donation of real estate can unlock a potentially transformational gift to IU School of Medicine.

Tim Ueber  |  Jan 01, 2019


Once upon a time, ultrasound machines were as big as washers. Today, these sleek devices fir in your pocket - and will become standard issue for students.

Bobby King  |  Jan 01, 2019