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Medical School Scholarships

Scholarships are available for medical students based on academic merit, financial need, demographic factors, and donor-specified categories (such as students from specific counties in Indiana or students attending a specific regional campus). Scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to full tuition.

Through the generosity of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations, Indiana University School of Medicine annually awards more than $8 million in scholarships to medical students. Increasing available scholarships is a priority for the school.

Apply for Financial Aid

Medical students and applicants can find out how to apply for financial aid and scholarships at IU School of Medicine.

How to Apply

Scholarship Eligibility

For IU School of Medicine scholarships and grants, no separate application is required to apply. By submitting the FAFSA and the school’s Application for Financial Assistance, medical students are considered for these programs.

The Office of Admissions assesses merit-based aid for entering students. The IU School of Medicine Scholarship Committee awards merit-based aid to fourth year medical students.

Other Scholarships

Medical students are encouraged to seek scholarships and grants from sources such as businesses as well as civic, community and religious organizations. The more scholarship dollars students receive, the less they have to borrow in loans.

Students should apply for all relevant opportunities and adhere to scholarship guidelines and deadlines to have the best chance at receiving scholarships. Students are responsible for reporting any outside scholarships, grants or non-school loans to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Medical students receiving the Indiana Primary Care Scholarship, Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship or National Health Service Corps Scholarship are not eligible for IU School of Medicine scholarships, because these programs cover tuition, fees and, in some cases, living expenses.

Support Medical Education

Indiana University School of Medicine is committed to preparing healers and transforming health. Doing so depends on the generous support of donors.

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