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About the Department of Mental Health Services


The Department of Mental Health Services serves as an inclusive and affirming resource for all members of the Indiana University School of Medicine community. Through clinical services, programming and outreach, and participation in university initiatives, we promote social justice and challenge prejudice, discrimination and oppression in all its various forms. We provide services that respect and celebrate all aspects of diversity, including but not limited to: ethnic and racial identity, sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity, physical and mental ability, age, national origin, religious identity, socioeconomic status, political ideology, military status, and cultural heritage/values. 

Who we serve

The department provides mental health services for all IU School of Medicine learners throughout the state of Indiana, including:

  • Medical students
  • Resident physicians
  • Fellows
  • IU School of Medicine graduate students (masters, PhD)
  • Health Professions Programs students


Department of Mental Health Services provides professional counseling and psychiatric services to medical trainees and offers outreach services to IU School of Medicine campuses statewide. Services for medical trainees are designed to:
  • evaluate and treat mental health concerns
  • contribute toward personal development, maturation, and wellness
  • facilitate adjustment to the School of Medicine, residency training programs, and fellowship programs
  • support academic persistence.

The Department of Mental Health Services supports the:

  • learners as individuals
  • educational goals of the school of medicine
  • IU School of Medicine community
  • respectful and inclusive learning environment that fosters professional and personal growth
  • practice of medicine as a field

Elements of work include:

  • Individual treatment
  • Group work
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychoeducational and wellness programming: informational and skill building programming relevant to emotional health and successful functioning
  • Prevention programming and early screening
  • Collaboration and consultation with members of the IU School of Medicine community, IU, and the broader medical community
  • Research, program evaluation, and continuous quality improvement


Department of Mental Health Services is committed to:

  • Adherence to best practices
  • Expertise, quality services, continuous quality improvement
  • Ethical practice
  • Trustworthiness, integrity, confidentiality, beneficence
  • Cooperative partnerships
  • Teamwork, collaboration with individuals and institutions, relational orientation
  • Development
  • Intentional growth of patients, the program, and providers
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness
  • Multiculturally-informed treatment
  • Programming that is respectful of diverse medical trainees’ ethnic and cultural backgrounds