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Scholarly Concentration Product

This course is for students completing a scholarly concentration product, following the completion of a scholarly concentration project. To earn a scholarly concentration, students must complete not only course work and a project, but also a final product that has been approved and agreed upon by a faculty member overseeing the scholarly concentration of choice.

Course Director: Deb Birnbaum, MBA, scholarly concentrations program director, 317-278-3044

Primary contact for adds/drops: Will vary by campus

Type of course: Flexible location, as designated by concentration host

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, a student will be able to:

  • understand the how to design a research project (PBLI1)
  • complete a research project related to a scholarly concentration (PBLI1)
  • identify and utilize research techniques appropriate to a research project (PBLI1)
  • prepare a manuscript to be submitted for publication (publication not required) and a poster for IU School of Medicine Education Day that describes the rationale, approach and conclusions of a research project (ISC5)

Course activities

Students will demonstrate what they have learned in the scholarly concentration project by completing and submitting a scholarly product. We want students to have the experience of submitting a manuscript.  So, a scholarly product is a manuscript to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and a poster for presentation at a future IU School of Medicine Education Day. Publication is not required. An abstract does not meet the program’s requirement. Students will be expected to meet intermittently with a faculty mentor.

Estimated time distribution: 100% laboratory/scholarly research

Time expectation will vary based on scholarly project and product.


Through the following, the faculty mentor will assess the student using an established rubric and recommend pass/fail to the course co-directors who will assign pass or fail.

  • Submission of final product to mentor, co-directors for publication by January 31 of 4th year of medical school. (75%)
  • Submission of proposal for poster presentation at IU School of Medicine Education Day. (25%)


Scholarly concentration enrollment

Interprofessional collaboration: No