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The Neuro-toxicology specialty in the Department of Neurology at Indiana University School of Medicine is focused on excellent clinical care, in collaboration with the IU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine and the Indiana Poison Center. The specialty is home to the only neurologist in the country who is board certified in both neurology and medical toxicology, Laura Tormoehlen, MD. Medical trainees from multiple departments—Neurology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine/Critical Care, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Pharmacy—participate in the program. Tormoehlen consults with colleagues around the United States in specialized cases of neurologic poisoning  and gives lectures to national and international audiences on neuro-toxicology topics. Neuro-toxicology areas of interest include hyperthermic syndromes, toxin-induced seizures, brain death declaration in the toxicology patient and neurologic sequelae of poisoning.


Laura M. Tormoehlen, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology