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Clerkship Policies

Medical students rotating on the OB-GYN clerkship must uphold policies and expectations that are specific to this program. For information about the working and learning culture at IU School of Medicine, explore the IU School of Medicine Learning Environment and Policies Portal.


Students who need to be excused for any amount of time from any scheduled clinical duties must complete and submit the IU School of Medicine Request for Time Away form to Breonna Woodford in the clerkship office. For non-emergent requests, the form should be submitted at least two weeks before the beginning of the rotation. For emergent requests, the student must notify the preceptor/resident team and Breonna Woodford before the expected arrival time, and the form needs to be submitted within 24 hours following the absence.

Late or Unsatisfactory Work

All required forms/work must be submitted on time and prior to the end of the rotation. Failure to submit requirements in a timely fashion may result in an Isolated Deficiency in Professionalism for the rotation.


Professional behavior is expected of all medical students at all times during the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship. These behaviors include but are not limited to the following expectations.

  • Respect
    Demonstrate respect for self, team and patients. Showing respect includes grooming and dress, communication and timeliness.
  • Confidentiality
    Students must adhere to strict patient confidentiality guidelines, including written and verbal communications. Students may not publicly discuss or post online any patient information.
  • Responsibility
    Students are responsible for their own education, including self-directed learning and participation in group activities. They are also responsible for complying with institutional policies and procedures and for addressing conflicts or problems as they arise, with involvement of appropriate authorities (e.g. clerkship coordinator/director) as necessary.
  • Honesty
    Cheating on exams or sharing of exam content is strictly forbidden. History and physical findings must be accurately documented. Students may never document findings if the exam has not been performed. All documentation must include the name of the individual who actually performed the exam.

Patient Encounter Tracking

Patient encounter tracking is completed through the MedHub system. All required encounters must be logged by the student on a daily basis with the entire list completed before the end of the last clinical day of the rotation.

Preparation/Time Commitment

The obstetrics and gynecology clerkship follows the ACGME Duty Hour guidelines (pro-rated over four weeks). Students do not work an average of more than 80 hours per week. The OB-GYN clerkship averages 55-60 work hours per week. Medical students do not work longer than 24 hours per shift and have at least one day off per week (pro-rated over four weeks).

Student Evaluation of Clerkship

Students are required to evaluate both the OB-GYN Clerkship program and the faculty and resident preceptors taking the final exam. These evaluations are a mandatory part of the clerkship and must be completed by 8 am on the business day following the exam.