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Teaching and Evaluation

Evaluation of Residents

Faculty members directly observe, evaluate and frequently provide feedback on resident performance during each rotation or similar educational assignment. The program provides an objective performance evaluation based on the competencies and the specialty-specific milestones. Each resident’s progress is reviewed annually by the program director, as well as bi-annually at a clinical competency committee meeting. Each resident is required to meet with their faculty mentor at least twice per year.

Evaluation of Faculty

Evaluations include: a review of the faculty member’s clinical teaching abilities; engagement with the educational program; participation in faculty development related to their skills as an educator; and clinical performance, professionalism and scholarly activities. These evaluations are written, anonymously, by the residents. Evaluations are completed by residents at the completion of each rotation period and remain on file. Faculty members receive feedback on their evaluations at least annually. Results of the faculty educational evaluations are incorporated into program-wide faculty development plans.

Evaluation of Program

In order to achieve its mission and train quality physicians, the program evaluates its performance and plan for improvement in the annual program evaluation. Performance of residents and faculty members is a reflection of program quality and can use metrics that reflect the goals that a program has set for itself. The Program Evaluation Committee utilizes outcome parameters and other data to assess the program’s progress toward achievement of its goals and aims. One element considered in the assessment of the program includes written evaluations of the program by residents and faculty. Evaluations of the program are distributed to residents and faculty each June.