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Education Programs

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine faculty are internationally recognized pathologists and scientists. This outstanding team of educators is dedicated to teaching laboratory medicine and participates in the training of students at all levels of study, including undergraduates seeking an associate degree in histotechnology or a bachelor degree in clinical laboratory science or cytotechnology; graduate students seeking PhD in pathology; MD students; residents; and post-graduate-level trainees and fellows.

Pathology MD Education

MD Education

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers MD electives ranging from general pathology to diagnostic immunopathology and laboratory medicine training—at multiple school campuses.

Pathology Graduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Advanced training is available for a PhD in Experimental Pathology.

Pathology Residency


The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine offers a well-rounded residency program.

Pathology Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education

The Department Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is committed to the support of three IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs. The Clinical Laboratory Science and Cytotechnology programs each offer Bachelor of Science degrees and the Histotechnology program offers the option of a certificate program or an Associate’s degree.


The Pathology and Laboratory Medicine department offers fellowships in ten subspecialties; seven of these programs are ACGME-accredited fellowships.

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Global Outreach Observership Program

The observership program is intended for national and international individuals seeking further pathology training which may lead to a residency position in the U.S. in the field of pathology.

Collegial and Collaborative Environment for Training

At the departmental and program levels is a focus on achieving the highest levels of excellence in patient care, education and research. To achieve this, department faculty are strongly committed to maintaining an environment that is friendly, professional, team-oriented and conducive to providing outstanding education. Explore the Department of Pathology Flickr account to get a peek into the working and learning environment, inlcuding the team’s social gatherings.