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Alumni from the Cytopathology Fellowship program share their experience as fellows at IU School of Medicine.

Testimonials for Cytopathology Fellowship

Martin Magers, MD

I spent two years as a fellow at IU School of Medicine, first in GU and then in cyto, and they were two of the best years of my training! I highly recommend these fellowship programs to prospective applicants.

The faculty in both subspecialties are great to work with and invested in your education. You are given ownership of your cases in regard to previewing, writing the report, ordering special stains or other studies, and communicating with the clinical teams or pathologist (on consultation cases). The breadth and diversity of cases that you see can't be beat, as you see both run of the mill cases and many things which you may never again see. There are too many opportunities for research to do every project that is offered to you, and the resources provided to assist you with research projects (e.g., searches for cases, pulling slides, biostats, help with figures and posters, etc…) are fantastic. On a personal note, the faculty are great people who will do everything they can do help you. When I encountered some personal challenges during my cytology fellowship, every effort was made to accommodate me.

My fellowship training was a great experience, and it prepared me extremely well for life after training. I have now been in practice for over a year, and I cannot recommend the IU fellowship programs highly enough!

Adam Miller, MD

After completing my residency and fellowship training at IU School of Medicine, I joined AmeriPath Indiana which is responsible for the pathology services at several of the major Indianapolis area hospitals. As part of my practice, I routinely perform rapid on-site evaluations and sign out both fine needle aspirations and non-gynecologic cytology specimens. The depth and breadth of training within the cytopathology department at IU provided me the capabilities to handle essentially any cytologic specimen. Furthermore, the training I received in cytopathology further enhanced my skills as a surgical pathologist.

I wholeheartedly recommend the cytopathology fellowship at IU. It provides excellent training and was an enjoyable experience that I look back upon fondly.