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Alumni from the Hematopathology Fellowship program share their experience as fellows at IU School of Medicine.

Testimonials for Hematopathology Fellowship

Adam Miller, MD

After completing my residency and fellowship training at IU School of Medicine, I joined AmeriPath Indiana which is responsible for the pathology services at several of the major Indianapolis area hospitals. While I am not currently responsible for signing out bone marrow biopsies, I regularly review peripheral blood smears and lymph node specimens. My fellowship training was instrumental in preparing me for these responsibilities. The case diversity within the hematopathology department at IU prepared me to be able to sign out both common hematolymphoid neoplasms as well as more esoteric conditions. Furthermore, my training provided me with the experience necessary to appropriately order and interpret ancillary testing both for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Finally, my interactions with the hematopathology attendings and clinicians helped me develop excellent communication skills necessary to provide optimal patient care.

I wholeheartedly recommend the hematopathology fellowship at IU as it will prepare individuals for future practice in virtually any setting.

Nives Zimmermann, MD

I am currently working as a hematopathologist and scientist at the University of Cincinnati. I spend my time with an approximately equal split between clinical service and running a basic/translational research lab. I also lead the Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine graduate program, and participate in teaching and mentoring pathology residents.

The hematopathology fellowship at IU prepared me really well for my current career. Having seen a large volume of cases, as well as had many discussions with attendings about their approach, pitfalls to look out for, and limits of our practice, I feel confident in my signout. I particularly enjoyed the intellectual curiosity of attendings and the many discussions and opportunities for research and scholarly activity. The excellent environment honed my skills to both help current patients with my diagnostic skills, and future patients with by research skills.