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Alumni from the Neuropathology Fellowship program share their experience as fellows at IU School of Medicine.

Testimonials for Neuropathology Fellowship

David S. Priemer, MD

After completing neuropathology training at Indiana University School of Medicine, I spent a year as an Instructor in the autopsy department at a large university hospital on the east coast and after that accepted an Assistant Professor position in an academic setting in Bethesda, Maryland, where I currently work. In the vital part of my current position, I am expected to perform post-mortem brain examinations in a laboratory with a mission of studying traumatic brain injury in veterans, and I also spend a fair amount of my time teaching in medical school pathology courses. Indiana University has an ample amount of diverse neurosurgical and ophthalmic surgical material, and autopsy material, for complete training in neuropathology. The neuropathology core of the Alzheimer's Disease Center is also exceptional, providing access to tremendous cases and thus the utmost potential to learn, explore, and research neurodegenerative disease.

The fellowship afforded me regular opportunities to teach, as per my interests, and also allowed me to hone my skills in critically examining the latest literature via regular journal club sessions. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I was provided with an abundance of opportunity, freedom, and support to pursue my career interests. The neuropathology fellowship at Indiana University is very well-rounded and I am confident it could prepare a trainee for whatever path they choose within the field.