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Alumni from the Surgical Pathology Fellowship program share their experience as fellows at IU School of Medicine.

Testimonials for Surgical Pathology Fellowship

Jared Cobb, MD

After completing my surgical pathology fellowship at Indiana University School of Medicine in 2019, I went on to complete a cytopathology fellowship at the Ohio State University and currently work at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY. During my fellowship year at IU School of Medicine, I participated in approximately 500 frozen sections and saw several thousand surgical specimens. I also joined the weekly breast oncology conference where I led the pathology discussion. At my current job I sign out breast cases, general surgical cases, and cytopathology. I also take part in frozens and cytology adequacies. Two times per month I also attend the breast oncology conference.

Many of my experiences at IU School of Medicine directly translated into my current duties, and because of my time at IU I feel much more confident in my current practice. The faculty and staff at IU are easy to get along with, and I could always count on Dr. Cummings to advocate for me.