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Pathology Professors Emeriti

Pathology is honored to have been the host to an amazing series of doctors through out the years. Below you will find a complete listing of all the Emeritus professors who have called Pathology department their home through the years.

The awarding of Emeritus status at Indiana University is an honor, designating a retired faculty member as having led a distinguished professorial career and made significant contributions to the university.

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 Name Title
 Allen, Stephen  Emeritus Endowed / Named Chair
 Azzarelli, Biagio  Professor Emeritus
 Baenziger, John C  Associate Professor Emeritus
 Bang, Nils U.  Professor Emeritus
 Bartlett, Marilyn S  Professor Emeritus
 Bonnin, Jose M.  Clinical Professor Emeritus
 Carpenter, Anna-Mary  Professor Emeritus
 Carter, James  Professor Emeritus
 Culbertson, Clyde G.  Professor Emeritus
 Dlouhy, Stephen R.  Emeritus Associate Scientist
 Feeley, Mary A.  Professor Emeritus
 Fife, Kenneth H.  Professor Emeritus
 Glick, Melvin R  Professor Emeritus
 Hawley, Dean A.  Professor Emeritus
 Haynes, Edith  Assistant Professor Emeritus
 Hockard, Narcissa  Associate Professor Emeritus
 Hubbard, Jesse D  Professor Emeritus
 Hull, Meredith T  Professor Emeritus
 Kasper, Linda M  Associate Professor Emeritus
 Kohler, Richard B
 Professor Emeritus
 Lee, Chao-Hung
 Professor Emeritus
 Leland, Diane S.  Professor Emeritus


 Name Title
 Marler, Linda M.  Associate Professor Emeritus
 McCarthy, Leo J.  Professor Emeritus
 Michael, Helen E.  Professor Emeritus
 Moorehead, Wells R.  Professor Emeritus
 Muller, Jans  Professor Emeritus
 Neiman, Richard S.  Professor Emeritus
 Nordschow, Carleton D.  Professor Emeritus
 Norins, Arthur L  Professor Emeritus
 Oei, Tjien  Professor Emeritus
 Pless, John E.  Professor Emeritus
 Rodak, Bernadette F.  Professor Emeritus
 Roth, Lawrence M  Professor Emeritus
 Ryder Jr, Kenneth W.  Professor Emeritus
 Seo, In Sook  Professor Emeritus
 Siakotos, Aristotle  Professor Emeritus
 Smith, James W  Professor Emeritus
 Strate, Randall W  Associate Professor Emeritus
 Tao, Liang-Che  Professor Emeritus
 Tejada, Eduardo  Assistant Professor Emeritus
 Ulbright, Thomas M.  Emeritus Endowed/Named Chair
 Ulbright, Thomas M.  Professor Emeritus
 Warfel, Kathleen A.  Professor Emeritus
 Young, Mildred  Assistant Professor Emeritus
 Yum, Moo Nahm  Professor Emeritus