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Staff Careers

Staff in the Department of Pediatrics belong to a proud and diverse community of colleagues who support and applaud each other in all achievements, big or small. The department is highly committed to building a culture that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and programs, and strives to uphold this commitment as we work to achieve our institution’s core mission.

Staff engage in a challenging and rewarding work culture, where both personal and professional quality of life is highly valued. Employees take advantage of a full range of benefits, including generous paid time off, paid parental leave, robust health and retirement plans, tuition benefit, and a plethora of wellness and employee assistance resources.

Administrative Support

  • Administrative Assistant (Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research)

    With the collaboration between scientists and physicians, the center aims to increase knowledge of causes and mechanisms of serious pediatric diseases. Our goal is to develop innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of sick children in Indiana and beyond. This position provides administrative support to a department or group of professionals, exercising confidentiality, tact and diplomacy.

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Clinical Research

  • Part-Time Clinical Research Specialist (Pediatric Nephrology)

    Pediatric Nephrology is looking for a part-time Clinical Research Specialist to assist with identifying and recruiting potential research study subjects, conduct study visit activity, record data/samples/results and provide various clinical research study or project support.

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  • Part-Time Grant and Financial Coordinator (Pediatric Pulmonology)

    This part-time position will assist the division Business Manager in exercising fiscal responsibility over multiple operating budget accounts including managing internal IU and external sponsored projects from various funding sources

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  • Nurse Care Coordinator (Pediatric Youth and Adolescent Conditions)

    IU School of Medicine is looking for a Registered Nurse who will function as a specialist in the transition from pediatric to adult care, providing nursing expertise within a team serving youth and adults with special health care needs from across the state of Indiana. This position will work as a member of a transdisciplinary team functioning as both registered nurse and care coordinator.

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  • Research Analyst (Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research)

    The research analyst will work within a neonatal basic research lab. Their general responsibilities include performing moderately complex experiments while following research techniques and procedures; develop procedures and protocols in collaboration with leadership; prepare research reports or analyses for projects; maintains safety records and ensures safety/compliance procedures and protocols are followed; may provide guidance and support to junior-level staff in laboratory operations.

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  • Research Analyst (Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research)

    The research analyst will work within a pulmonary basic research lab. Their general responsibilities will include performing small animal murine husbandry, surgery, vascular fixation of the lung, and in-vivo measurements of pulmonary function using the Flexi vent system; performing fixation and histological staining of lung tissue, and quantification of lung tissue using ImageJ software; performing other procedures such as micro-CT imaging and software quantification, as well as single cell and nuclear isolation of lung tissues for RNA-seq analysis.

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  • Research Technician (Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research)

    This position will assist the Principal Investigators in conducting research in type 1 diabetes immunology, immune tolerance, and autoimmunity within the Wells Center for Pediatric Research. This research makes extensive use of cell and molecular biology techniques and includes small animal (mouse) handling and dosing.

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