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Meet the current fellows of the pediatric cardiology fellowship program at IU School of Medicine.

Current Fellows

Pediatric Cardiology Fellows

3rd Years

42171-Swanson, Kaitlin

Kaitlin E. Swanson, MD

New York Medical College

Hobbies: My husband and I love trying new restaurants or cocktail bars in the Indy area. We also love taking our dog on hikes in nearby parks or a short drive away. We have recently gotten into various outdoor cooking methods as well, including smoking meats or making pizzas in our pizza oven!

Research/QI Interests: Having just started my fellowship, I still am figuring out exactly where my interests lie. I previously did work with mouse models of muscular dystrophy and heart failure. My current interests are related to the psychosocial aspects of congenital heart disease, including early parental counseling, palliative care involvement after birth, all the way to adolescents understanding and coping with their disease.

Why Pediatric Cardiology?
The field of pediatric cardiology is such a unique field of medicine, with so many different career opportunities. I knew I wanted to be in a field that mixed inpatient and outpatient, saw a wide range of severity of illness, and also involved a multidisciplinary approach to patient-care. Congenital heart disease was something that sparked my interest all the way back in my second year of medical school, and my training since then only cemented that.

Why IU/Riley?
I completed my residency at Riley, but I like to say I chose IU for its cardiology program back when applying for residency. I was fortunate enough to know what fellowship I was interested in when applying for residency and couples matching with my husband who was entering into a 7-year residency program. IU provided us both incredible opportunities, including a wide patient population, no shortage of pathology, and a friendly environment for training.

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42173-Thoe, Jessica

Jessica A. Thoe, MD

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Hobbies: My partner and I love hiking with our puppy around Indy, especially at Eagle Creek. He and I love exploring breweries and restaurants around town and cooking at home. I also love to bake and craft when I get the chance.

Research/QI Interests: I’m currently doing research focused on our patient population with Fontan physiology. My research focuses on trying to understand if different factors at the time of surgery correlate to long term morbidity and complications.

Why Pediatric Cardiology?
I’ve worked with children my entire life and always wanted to work in a field where I could combine my love for complex physiology with the desire to help children. Pediatric cardiology was the perfect match of complex physiology, a range of acuity from clinic to ICU, long lasting patient relationships, and working with children.

Why IU/Riley?
I was lucky enough to complete my pediatric residency at IU/Riley, and over those three years I had the opportunity to interact with many members of our heart center team and faculty. Everyone was always so welcoming and excited to have me around and teach. I knew I would get a great education and felt like I would be supported throughout my training by the faculty and fellows.

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2nd Years

Headshot for Fellow Michael Clark

Michael T. Clark, MS, MD

Universirty of Notre Dame

Research/QI Interests: My research interests lie at the intersection of pediatric cardiology and palliative care. We're currently developing a needs assessment at key timepoints for families presenting for cardiac evaluation through Riley's multidisciplinary Fetal Center. The goal is to identify gaps where we can better serve our patients and their families and develop/report best practices.

Why Pediatric Cardiology?
I've known I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist since very early in my training. To me the specialty offers everything: acute/critical care, longitudinal care, inpatient settings, outpatient clinics, diagnostic/interventional procedures, lots of interdisciplinary work, and most importantly, a wonderful patient population that ranges from the prenatal period even into adulthood. In residency I learned I could get double boarded in cardiology and palliative care and serve our population even more. So, that's the plan!

Why IU/Riley?
I completed medical school at IU but went away for residency. Because of the perfect mix of culture, patient volume/pathology/acuity, and proximity to family, I dreamed of coming back to Riley one day as a faculty member. I'm ecstatic that to be back a little earlier than I hoped to continue my training. Even though I've only been here a couple months, I feel incredibly affirmed in my decision to pursue fellowship at Riley. Everyone within the division is so supportive, from my co-fellows to the faculty, floor staff, administrative staff, and beyond. If you're looking for a place where all questions are welcomed, fellow education is prioritized, and the faculty care about you holistically the way they do their patients, look no further

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62254-Scott, Michael

Michael Scott, DO

Lincoln Mem Univ, Debusk Col of Osteopathic Med

Research/QI interests: During residency I completed a project related to appropriate use criteria for pediatric transthoracic echocardiograms.  I would like to pursue further research in this area and/or investigate how artificial intelligence will affect pediatric cardiology imaging modalities.  

Why Pediatric Cardiology?
Cardiology has fascinated me as early as undergraduate anatomy and physiology.  Prior to medical school I worked as an adult cardiac nurse and figured my path would result in becoming an adult cardiologist.  However, during medical school my pediatrics rotation assured me that my career needed to involve caring for children.  The problem solving, individualized approach, involvement of longitudinal care and intellectual stimulation found within the field of pediatric cardiology is the perfect fit for my interests and strengths.  

Why Riley?
During my interview day I felt very comfortable with the faculty and fellows.  A medium sized program with high clinical volume was what I was looking for in a fellowship program.  This learning environment provides close mentoring without losing the clinical exposure necessary to become an excellent pediatric cardiologist.  The clinical volume and wide range of pathology has already become apparent early on in my training here, and I'm looking forward to what the next 3 years has to offer.  Additionally, Indy is a wonderful city for my wife and 2 boys with low cost of living and plenty of family friendly activities. 

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1st Years

Chmaisse Headshot

Ahmed Chmaisse, MD

American University of Beirut

Hobbies: I have always loved playing basketball and I spend as much time in the gym as possible. Both my wife and I enjoy travelling to new places, and it is our mission to visit as many states/national parks as possible during our time here in the US. I'm also an avid gamer!

Research/QI Interests: During residency, I was involved in research related to transcatheter PDA closure in preterm infants. Now that I have started fellowship, I am figuring out where my interest lies, but I am intrigued in research related to patients with pulmonary hypertension and patients with heart failure requiring ventricular assist devices. I am also interested in medical education and implementing simulation-based teaching in the cardiology realm.

Why Pediatric Cardiology?

Fascinated by the physics of fluid dynamics and electricity at a younger age, I found myself drawn to the intricate details of the physiology & pathophysiology of the heart and its diseases during medical school. Combining my love for working with children and my curiosity about the heart, it did not take me long to identify my life vision of becoming a pediatric cardiologist.

Why IU/Riley?

I am fortunate to have completed my residency at Riley and got accepted into fellowship here. IU has provided me with excellent training thus far, and I have felt appreciated during my time here. I also like Indy and it has become a home for me! It is also great for my wife and I to support each other while she finished her PhD at Purdue.

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Schley headshot

Aubrey B. Schley, MD

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Hobbies: I love spending time with my husband, baby, and dog! We love to spend time outdoors and find new restaurants.

Research/QI Interests: My interests are wide given that I have just started fellowship, however I am interested in potentially pursuing a career in adult congenital cardiology. I'm looking forward to getting more involved with research focused on adult congenital cardiology during my time at IU/Riley!

Why Pediatric Cardiology?

I love the variety of patients cared for in pediatric cardiology. The complexity of the patients with congenital heart disease is so interesting as well as preventative pediatrics with a focus on healthy living. I also enjoy the ability to work in multiple settings including inpatient and outpatient. Mostly, I love that pediatric cardiology easily lends to building long term relationships with patients and their families!

Why IU/Riley?

 I knew Riley would be a great fit as it is a kind and friendly learning environment, large patient volume, and a wide variety of patients in addition to close proximity to my family for support!

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