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Community Lawyering

Health equity and promotion requires transformation of our laws and policies to better support mothers and children. Using a human rights framework, we work with both rights-bearers (women) to ensure that they know and can make use of their rights and duty-bearers (individuals in positions of authority) to change systems to better support human flourishing.

Key Accomplishments

  • Host ongoing “know your rights” sessions for Grassroots MCH Leaders
  • Established partnerships with Indiana Justice Project and with IUPUI Civil Practice Clinic
  • Launched annual Indy Housing Justice Conference


Resources and Links

‘Know Your Rights’ Resources

  • Pregnant and Postpartum Workers (English | Spanish | French | Arabic) Many individuals continued to work during pregnancy and plan to return to work following delivery. Learn about your rights in the workplace during pregnancy and the postpartum period, as well as who to call, what to say, and what to bring if you encounter a legal issue.
  • Debt Collection (English | Spanish | French | Arabic) Unpaid bills and overdue debt can be stressful to anyone, but that stress can be especially damaging when you are pregnant or parenting a new baby. Knowing your rights can reduce the anxiety of dealing with bills and debt.


  1. Mueller, A, Peterson, E, Wynns, W, Nisi, S, Turman, Jr., JE (2024) Community legal strategies to address Indiana’s Maternal and Child Eviction Crisis. Indiana Law Review, 58.


Whitley Wynns Headshot

Whitley Wynns, MA

Project Manager, Community Lawyering
JD candidate

Ahmad Wahdan headshot

Ahmad Wahdan, MD

Student Evaluator, Community Lawyering
PhD Student