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Childcare Provider Resource Center

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The Grassroots Maternal and Child Health Imitative at IU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics offers resources for childcare providers to plan and communicate with caregivers about health and illness during child care.

Child Illness Contract
This contract details the childcare provider's procedure for a sick child, and documents the caregiver's agreement.

Child Illness Report
The Child Illness Report is a form for providers to use to report an illness to a child's caregiver and set a return to care date.

Childcare Universal Health Precautions
The Childcare Universal Health Precautions document shows best practices for health in childcare settings.

Communicating with Upset Caregiver
This document offers tips to communicate effectively with caregivers.

Illness Backup Caregiver Plan
This is a resource for childcare providers to obtain contact information of back up caregivers when the primary caregiver is not able to pick up or stay home with a sick child.